.F4V File Extension

MP4 Video File

Video File
A file with the extension .F4V is an 'MP4' video file utilised by 'Adobe Flash Player Version 9' and later versions.

The file name .F4V was designed to eliminate compatabilty problems between the Adobe Flash Player / Quicktime / iPod's / etc. whilst using certain .MP4 video files.

Flash Player 9 allows you to enjoy the most expressive, engaging experiences on the Web that combine interactive, rich content with video, graphics and animation.

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2011-04-01 05:54:57
I just downloaded a file like this and I quickly searched for a converter. My old koyotesoft converter doesn't support this type of file. Luckily, my old FLV player for Free managed to play the file for me. It doesn't just play FLV type of files but even this new kind called F4V video files.