.EMZ File Extension

Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile

Compressed File
Files with an .EMZ extension are compressed (zipped) EMF formatted image files. This format was created by Microsoft to be used in their programs such as Microsoft Word and Visio.

The EMZ format is identical to Microsoft's EMF format (Enhanced MetaFile) except that is uses GZIP compression. If you simply wish to decompress these files, you'll need a GZIP compatible decompression utility (such as GZIP itself).

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Comments (23)
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2007-01-26 14:54:40
So what steps do you have to take or tools to use to open them ?
2007-02-26 10:39:11
How to create an .emz file using C#....... can you please the share the code
Jay /
2007-03-05 12:26:59
Narinder - You could try using Visio or WinZip to open the file. Not sure though, let us know if you have any success.

Biju - I've no idea, sorry.
2007-03-21 17:41:26
i renamed the file extension to .gz and opened it with winrar. the contents containesd an image file that i was able to extract.
2007-03-29 03:53:58
I have found that you can copy then paste an emz file into Word (2003) and it will open
2007-05-15 04:20:20
how to open image .EMZ
2007-09-07 00:25:54
How to open .emz file.
2007-10-04 04:59:45
EMZ files are GZip emf file. You should be able to open it using a ZIP uncompresser and then extract the content into an emf file. Then you should be able to view the emf file in any image viewer.
Cloud Strife
2008-02-17 22:04:28
rynoplasty did it!!!
thanks dude!
2008-04-28 09:45:31
Hey Talbs that worked perfectly thanks man!
2008-07-10 07:37:21
Talbs method works perfectly
2008-10-10 20:06:17
Thanks Talbs, it work with me too.
2008-10-30 08:04:44
Thanks, Talbs. Definitely coping the file and pasting into Word is the way to go. Works perfectly...
2008-11-03 04:26:24
Cool! Talbs thanks for your help. You made .emz usable for us folks. Thanks again.
2008-11-11 05:15:16
tried what rynoplasty said, and it works!
2008-11-12 00:39:13
I have found that you can copy then paste an emz file into Word (2003) and it will open. This trick worked. Just copy the .emz file using Ctrl + C, Open word and use Ctrl + V (Paste)
2008-11-14 01:35:33
Thanks Talbs - really helpful, copying into Word enabled me to solve the mystery and see what the image was!
2008-12-23 01:10:36
Advise Answer above: I copied the file with Windows Exporer and copied it in word. You will see the drawing, it works. Thanks!
2009-04-07 16:08:11
Simplest way? Drag the .EMZ file from it's folder onto a blank word document and the file will appear as an inserted image.
2009-11-08 16:15:36
rynoplasty is onto it, I opened them with winrar, saved them to disk and added a .jpg extension to mine and they open as normal jpg's
2010-03-15 02:47:46
It works with office 2007 as well, just copy and paste the EMZ file to word 2007 and it will open.
2010-05-03 12:43:33
As Osama mentioned, it works in 2007 as well.
2010-05-09 07:50:18
Talbs instruction's worked. Thanks.

Paste the .emz file on your desktop. Then open the word 2003 document. Copy the file .emz from the desktop & paste on the opened word (2003) document. It may also work with word 2007.