.DTS File Extension

Audio File Format

Audio File
A file with the extension .DTS contains 'digital surround audio data' or 'soundtrack'. DVD movies often use .DTS files to store multi channel sound data, this is used to best advantage with audio settings of 5.1 channels. This essentially recreates the 'surround sound' format popular in cinemas and theatres.

Most DVD's come with a selection of audio formats (files)to increase the choices available to the user, and to fit in with technological restraints, i.e. not all televisions / DVD players support the DTS format, so .DTS soundtracks are user selectable rather than standard.

Some Audio files (Cd's, etc.) also utilise the DTS format to enhance listening pleasure.

Other .DTS file extensions
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    2010-08-03 03:27:31
    What are the difference between libdts and libdca?

    FFDSHOW only support libdts?