.DMG File Extension

Apple Mac OS X Disk Image

Disk Image File
The DMG file extension is associated with disk images created for Mac OS X. The DMG format has replaced older disk image formats used with Mac OS 9 and earlier versions of the operating system.

DMG files are raw disk images that contain block data and may have one or two additional layers applied to add encryption and compression. These layers are identified in the hdiutil command line as "CEncryptedEncoding" and "CUDIFEncoding". DMG files are mostly used as software installers for the Mac OS platform.

How to open DMG Files

When opened in Mac OS the Disk Image is mounted as a volume that can be accessed within the Finder. The DMG file format was developed by Apple specifically for their Mac OS platform.

DMG files are not intended to be used with Microsoft Windows or any other Operating System. However, there are programs that can be used to open and convert some DMG files to an extension that is usable with Microsoft Windows or Linux.

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Comments (10)
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2006-05-30 11:43:25
Does anyone know how to open a .dmg file in windows xp or if its even possible?

2006-09-11 21:23:17
Why would you want to open a mac image file in XP?
2006-10-04 05:46:21
i want it too.. downloaded a file... n i want it to open in windows..
2006-10-06 10:01:03
If you want to open the dmg file through Windows XP, try buring the CD using a software package like "MagicISO Maker". Failing that use something like "dmg2iso" which is a command line tool that'll convert a DMG file to an ISO image.
2007-04-09 17:17:26
use magiciso to convert to iso, then use a cd mounting tool like daemon tools.
2007-06-12 10:41:37
how to covert from .dmg file to .iso file using magiciso
Nilesh Dani
2008-10-02 00:38:29
I have downloaded a game but not able to open it in windows xp
2008-10-08 05:32:11
I downloaded a dmg to my PC for a friend. I want to burn it to a cd to give to her so that she can run it on a mac. I tried burning it as a data disk, but if i burn it as an iso will a mac run it?
2008-12-15 21:23:45
You don't have to convert DMG format to anything - burn it to a CD. Just burn it as "data file"
2015-09-18 12:02:38
You 'can' open these files in Windows, you need 'DMG File Extractor':

DMG File Extractor