.DBK File Extension

dBase Database Backup

Backup File
Update 2012: We are urgently seeking .DBK files for further analysis to help our visitors.

If you have a .DBK file you are able to send us, please email the .DBK file to

All files received will be treated as confidential and used for analysis only.

The .DBK file format is a backup of a dBASE database file created by dBASE automatically in case the original database becomes corrupt.

dBASE was the first widely used database application for microcomputers, published by Ashton-Tate for CP/M, and later on the Apple II, Apple Macintosh and IBM PC under DOS where it became one of the best-selling software titles for a number of years. dBASE was never able to transition successfully to Microsoft Windows and was eventually displaced by newer products like Paradox, Clipper, and FoxPro.

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    2009-05-14 16:20:07
    I am using filemaker pro (for mac) and documents are being saved with the extension .fp7
    When transporting this to a Windows computer, there is no associated file to open it with even though the product says it is compatible with Windows operating systems.
    This is a school project which is due soon, does anyone have any advice?