.DAV File Extension

DVR365 Video

Video File
A file created by the DVR365 DVR system; the file is a made up of a modified MPEG video stream that is encrypted and then saved with the encryption. Because of the encryption and the modified MPEG format, the only software capable of opening the files on the PC is the DVR365 Player software that is made available for Windows compatible machines by the company who creates the DVR systems.

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Mark Lounsbury
2011-03-24 11:07:30
Been looking for the standalone PC DVR365 player software of which I've a few links, none of which lead me to the "standalone PC DVR365 player software".

I've searched the company's site w/o success. The only software download I found was for the proprietary player. Installed it but, when opening a .dav file, all it plays is a pink screen. Next up, hunt further for the elusive standalone then the hunt for the "Windows Media Player codec" of which I've will begin.