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Claris Works Data File

Data File
CWK files are documents that have been created with Apple's ClarisWorks or AppleWorks productivity suite. A CWK file may be any or all of a word processing document, spreadsheet, drawing, or presentation. ClarisWorks was later renamed to be AppleWorks in 1998. ClarisWorks and AppleWorks are available in Macintosh and Windows versions, though AppleWorks has not received a software update since 2004.

The original Appleworks was an integrated software package that consisted of a word processor, spreadsheet and database. The modern Appleworks consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, database program, drawing program, painting program and a terminal program to deal with communications.

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    Phylis Sophical
    2008-03-20 18:16:43
    To view the contents of a .cwk file:
    From M.S Word.
    Click the Open icon.
    In the 'Files of type' box, use the drop down arrow to get to 'Recover text from any file'.
    You will see tons of garble but the main text that you need is there.
    Copy and paste the text you need into a new document.