.CPI File Extension

AVCHD Camcorder Video Clip Information File

Video File
The .CPI file format is a camcorder clip information file. These files contain no actual video information, instead they are created with an .MTS file which holds the actual video data.

Other .CPI file extensions
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    2009-05-19 03:48:06
    I have a hard drive camcorder, HG21 Canon. It's hard disk stores video files as .cpi. I can copy files onto my computer hard drive via the USB connection, but I can't open the files. There is only a USB port no IEEE port on the camcorder. Need help in opening .cpi video files.
    2010-04-30 15:35:01
    bill >> like the article says, the .cpi is only the clip information file. it contains no actual video data but rather information that coinsides with the video files. the video files will likely be .mts or .m2ts.
    2010-11-22 01:07:13
    The camcorder (I have a Vixia HF-200) does require the .cpi file. I've copied .mts files from the camera's SD card to a hard drive, and back to the card. If the .cpi files are not also copied, the camera won't know the .mts files exist and it won't regenerate the .cpi files, so the video is effectively lost.
    Cindy Erasmus
    2011-08-09 17:56:24
    I have a canon HFR106, and have recently returned home form an amazing tour in Italy, and when I put my videos on my computer, I can see the video BUT it has no sound and I have checked all sound on my computer and is all working. Why have I not got sound on my video. Please help :(
    Janine Windsor
    2012-09-12 18:27:57
    I have a Panasonic HDC-SD80 video camera. Whilst on holiday, and thinking I would be saving 'power' I would turn off after videoing then turn it on when wanting to record. I then received error messages, in thumbnail format, instead of 'pictures' to playback, so I followed the on screen instructions - to my extreme sadness, it would appear I have deleted some very treasured videos and photos!
    I purchased 'Data Recovery' from Wondershare - all this has done is recover existing photos and videos BUT when doing the deep scan it quotes it has identified 531 files. This are on my computer under .RES format, which I can't open!!
    I've tried the Recovery Operation again but again, it only shows current photos and videos where I haven't used the 'power' button.
    The back of the Panasonic handbook says"Formatting and deletion simply change the file management information and cannot be used to completely erase the data in the built-in memory or HDD of this unit. The data can be recovered using commercially available software or the like" - which I have frustrating done!!
    The handbook also intimates and, in case of misuse, the police are able to recover any lost data - I'm sure they wouldn't help me!
    Is there anyone out there who can advise me please?
    Many thanks