.CHM File Extension

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help File

Web File
The .CHM file extension belongs to a format created by Microsoft for the development of online help files. HTML Help Files are normally created with a help authoring tool, such as Microsoft's free "HTML Help Workshop".

A CHM help file contains a set of web pages and a hyperlinked table of contents allowing the reader to easily navigate to the required section of information/instructions.

While this format was designed specifically for encoding help files it is now also employed in the creation of some e-books or used for creating browsable archives of HTML pages.

* 2002 - Microsoft announced security risks associated with the .CHM format, Microsoft has decided to develop a new generation of windows help known as 'Microsoft assistance markup language' for Windows Vista to replace the CHM format.

** File type is susceptible to virus's and should be scanned before downloading.

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2007-04-11 20:25:50
not sure if it helps anyone, but the first few characters of this file are "ITSF", standing for InfoTech Storage File.

oh and im using a program named "West Wind HTML Help Builder" to create my help files.

Becky x
2007-08-01 04:13:09
I want to open a .chm file into a browser, as a hyperlink. How can I do this?
2008-04-11 04:57:15
How do I create a help file in .chm format?
meraflor botona
2008-06-11 03:06:13
how to make a chm format? and what is the difference between the chm and html?
2008-11-26 07:36:08
I've saved in a .chm format but I can't open the help I created.