.CGM File Extension

Computer Graphics Metafile

Image File
CGM is an acronym for "Computer Graphics Metafile". The CGM file format is used for saving raster images, 2D vector graphics and text. CGM files are interchangeable and compatible with multiple architectures and devices with different design and capabilities. They're mostly used for transferring images and image information between CAD (Computer Aided Design)applications.

As a metafile, the CGM format isn't an explicit one. CGM files contain the information needed for constructing graphical components in order to render an image using the object-oriented method.

CGM files can use one of the following encoding methods: binary, clear-text and character-based. Binary files are standard files that can be parsed by applications quickly and efficiently, clear-text encoding permits users to read file content with any text editor and character-based encoding is the most efficient when it comes to file size.

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2009-04-12 20:43:37
I am using Printmaster gold deluxe 3.0 and I can not view the pictures.

The pictures load in to Photoshow but will not save. The pictures have a .cgm extension.

I would like to upload the pictures into another program so I can view and use the pictures.