.CDA File Extension

CD Audio Track Shortcut

Audio File
Shortcut that references an individual track on an audio CD, these .CDA files do not contain any audio data - they simply provide a means to access individual tracks on a CD via an icon.

As these files do not contain any audio information they cannot be converted to another audio format.

As the shortcut generally references a particular track, for example a favorite song, the original CD should be in the drive before clicking the short-cut.

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2010-04-28 07:31:41
I saw this file type while trying to burn a cd for someone. Winamp was the program that labeled as the first choice to run this file type, although it first ran on windows media player.

However, when trying to burn the CD each CDA file type was about 1 kb, and unable to be recorded. I was frustrated and couldn't get it to record properly. Very strange as there was information burned on the original CD. Perhaps I didn't copy the information properly, but I don't think I was mistaken.

If anyone has experienced problems with this, or knows what I did please feel free to comment. I just did a copy and paste of the original data to the hard drive. All my CD burning programs did not recognize the file type.