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BlackBerry Phone Backup File

Backup File
What is a BBB file?

Files with the .BBB extension are known as BlackBerry Backup files. These are single files containing a copy of both personal data and configuration settings from a BlackBerry device (phone or playbook). Depending on the options selected when first creating the backup, .BBB files can contain many different types of data.

The most common types of data stored in a BlackBerry backup are the device owner's Address book (contacts), SMS messages, emails and calendar.

If the data stored on a BlackBerry device becomes corrupt, lost or accidentally deleted; the data can be restored from the .BBB backup file.

Note: With the release of BlackBerry OS v10, the internal structure of these backups changed (version 3). These backups now contain multiple encrypted .TAR archive files (app.tar, media.tar and settings.tar for example).

How to Open a BBB file

The only software available to reliably view the data within a BlackBerry .BBB file is phoneMiner. This software allows you to view the address book (contacts), SMS messages, emails and calendar inside a BlackBerry backup file.

phoneMiner also allows you to export the data to common formats such as Excel, CSV, VCF (vCard) and XML.

How to Create a .BBB file

BlackBerry backups can only be created using the 'Blackberry Desktop Software', an application developed by Research In Motion Limited (RIM), the creators of BlackBerry devices.

Blackberry Desktop Software is bundled with all new BlackBerry devices, however the most up-to-date version can be downloaded directly from RIM's website.

Once the software installed, a BlackBerry must be connected to your computer using a USB cable. Running the BlackBerry desktop software will give you the option of creating a full or partial backup.

Full backups will result in a .BBB file containing all personal data and phone settings from the BlackBerry. Selecting a partial backup will create a file with the chosen databases only (E.g Address Book and messages).

Before actually generating the backup, the software will provide the additional option to password protect the backup; doing so will encrypt the data using 256-bit AES encryption. Anyone attempting to view the data will then need to provide the original password.

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2006-10-21 21:17:25
I bought a Blackberry and saved a backup of the handheld on my laptop via the Blackberry's software. But how do I open the files now? What program do I need to download?
2007-05-10 03:35:41
HI, I'm trying to open my back up to extract just the address book details, what program should i use?
Jay /
2007-05-11 04:28:06
I've updated the entry for this extension.

As above, you can use phoneMiner to open these files and export the data to other formats.

2008-10-13 03:38:50
Why have Blackberry made it, as far as I'm concerned, almost impossible (without purchasing phoneMiner) to open an IPD "Back-UP" file on an external PC?
giorgio vonmoos
2008-10-22 07:09:27
I'd like to have the maps on my phone blackberry
2009-04-19 19:27:30
For all with Blackberrys and issues saving the backup files.

I work for a cellular provider(unable to release names and specifics due to this new policy crap), and I am trained in technical support for Blackberrys.

There is entirely far too much hassle with your basic backup with these IPD files.

I HIGHLY recommend you to go to http://www.blackberry.com/services/desktop/ and click the DOWNLOAD button.

Just follow the prompts, don't panic about anything, it's really as easy as it's stated.

The Desktop Manager is your one stop shop for everything.

Syncs all emails, calendar, contacts, etc.; Allows you to transfer and save any music, video, random files between your computer and your phone; Desktop Manager will notify you of any new updates available to help your device stay updated with Blackberry's technology; And if you have your company (enterprise) email, you can also maintain these with the assistance of your it dept.

Most importantly...


It's the only thing we recommend to our customers and it prevents, no joke, 98% of your storage, backup, and restore issues.
2009-04-23 23:51:25
bb helpline says that we cannot view ipd files. The only way it can, is transfer the data into other smartphones. I haven't tried it it, but they claim that it could be done,
Marty McFly
2009-06-22 11:06:16
I got a blackberry and did a data transfer to my computer and it saved it as a .cab file and it was able to open with "windows explorer" but now when I do a data transfer it only saves it as a .ipd.

How can I switch it back to a .cab file so I am able to view it?
scott bonnette
2009-06-27 20:38:22
I was updating my blackberry and in the 9 of 11 task it had a fatal error while loading. My blackberry seems to be completely erased and I do not have access to any of the info previously on my blackberry.

I have a IPD loader backup file on my laptop but it will not open. Is there a customer support number I can call to get assistance?
2009-07-14 04:55:56
My desktop manager stops when I am trying to restore the .ipd file to my Blackberry and says my Blackberry is not connected properly (it is).

Frustrating as all my contacts and texts are on there.
2009-08-11 19:52:57
Does the ipd file store any deleted text messages? Purged files?

Where do they go if they aren't stored?

I saved several text messages and only some come back up with the converter. How do you see the whole list of messages deleted?
2009-08-30 17:11:32
I just called for tech help at Sprint since I used the Blackberry software to backup my contacts on my computer. I was having the same problem opening it as others. The guy told me that the ipd file was not meant to be opened. You cannot physically see it. It is only meant to be used if you need to restore information back to your phone. He did say that if you have Microsoft Outlook or a Google e-mail account there is a way to do it. I don't have either. I wish I had known this before I spent an hour trying to open the file.
2009-09-22 15:12:48
I was having the same problem. You dont need to open it. When you open the desk top manager click on backup/restore. Choose restore. I just did it and everything including my pictures were transferred to the new phone. It was really easy once I realized I didn't need to open it. Hope this helps everyone out.
2010-05-04 12:14:49
I did a backup and I can only locate my .cab file and not the .ipd file. Is there anyway I can convert the .cab to a .ipd file.
2012-03-06 19:35:52
I suggest taking a look at phoneMiner - it allows you to extract both IPD and BBB backup files.

2012-06-11 03:29:56
My device showing an App Error code : 523 and RESET. what does that means. I am unable to open my device.

2012-07-06 23:39:51
i just backup'd my BB. i use a PC but the file was saved as a .bbb for Mac systems instead of .ipd which is for a PC. how do i get file saved as a .ipd file and what program do i use to view file?
2012-10-23 12:20:02
Pupa, RIM have changed all backups (PC and Mac) to use the extension .BBB
2012-11-03 17:05:28
Hi, my blackberry is gone for repairs and the store people gave me a backup file in .ipd, I need to transfer this onto a samsang phone that was given to me as a replacement during the repair period. I need my contacts in order to carry on with work. Help please?