.ARW File Extension

Sony Digital Camera Image

Image File
An ARW formatted image is a raw image taken by a Sony Cybershot digital camera. The data is essentially uncompressed, but is a proprietary format that is only generally used by Sony, although some software programs from vendors such as Adobe can be used in order to convert the image to a more acceptable format.

Because the RAW format was already taken, Sony opted to change the lettering around to create ARW. The image format itself is actually based on the TIFF image format.

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2012-07-23 17:53:49
Just purchased the new sony sybershot dsc-rx100 and am trying to import photos taken in the .arw to my imac/iphoto. Discovered that I cannot import .arw photos w/out purchasing a software program. Any advice on a good reliable software program for an imac? Is there a free program available? Thank you.