.AJP File Extension

CCTV Video Stream Files

Video File
Files with the extension .AJP are exported video stream data files associated with CCTV video surveillance systems.

The .AJP video file format is utilised by numerous manufacturers of DVR CCTV systems, most of which use their own specific version of the format, which means that opening a .AJP file without knowing on which system it was recorded can be difficult.

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2008-09-29 08:38:11

I have a file with the AJP video file and I can't open it I have tried everything but I get an error message "unknown cd"
Any idea can help?
2009-04-19 10:26:26
How can I open CCTV video files? They mostly come in .drv, .dsp .avi or .mpeg4 format.

Even if they come in .avi/mpeg4 format, I still can't open it with Media Player Classic. Why?

Do I need a special codec for opening them? If so, where can I get the codec or do I have wrong settings in Media Player Classic?
2010-02-28 07:00:51
I want to look at a cd from CCTV surveillance how can I to open it? what must I download or what can help me