.AAF File Extension

Advanced Authoring Format Multimedia File

Video File
The AAF file extension is associated with the Advanced Authoring Format. The AAF format was developed as a solution for cross platform multimedia file interchange and was designed to be used within the authoring environment for video post production.

AAF multimedia files are generally used with video editing software such as Avid Media Composer or Avid Pro Tools and employ the Advanced Authoring metadata management system which includes links to various video and audio files.

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2008-03-19 20:32:47
Hi, I am trying to download the Marquez vs Pacquiao 2 Boxing event and after I downloaded it, it won't let me open it. It has an aAF file extension, how do I open it?
2009-06-08 09:02:25
Pro Tools and Avid Media Composer are both capable of creating and opening AAF files.