.7Z File Extension

7-Zip Compressed Archive File

Compressed File
Files with a .7z extension are compressed archive files and are most commonly assosiated with '7-Zip', which is an open-source archiving tool. The 7z file format is the default archiving format of 7-Zip, although 7-Zip does support many other compression formats such as Zip, gzip etc.

The .7z file format is a container format, meaning each .7z file can contain multiple files or folders.

Some of the features that have contributed to the .7z file format's rise in popularity are:

- An open architecture design
- Rijndael/AES-256 (256-bit) encryption
- High compression ratios
- Multi-threading support
- Support for large file sizes

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Elizabeth Holder
2007-12-22 03:57:35
i have a motorola rokr e1 phone and i want to use a monster pack on it but i dont know how to use the 7z extension to install it on the phone...... i used the registry booster 2 free scan for vista 32bit and it told be about not having `elevation????' so i uninstalled it. Can you please help me?