.SIB File Extension

Sibelius Sheet Music File

Data File
Stores sheet music created and used by Sibelius, a music notation application for writing sheet music.

All sheet music created in Sibelius uses the .SIB extension.

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2011-04-26 03:12:33
The .sib that I know IS a sheet music file, created by the Sibelius program. ( I believe they make a few different ones (smaller) that also create that extension.

You can download a free browser plugin (Sibelius Scorch) to view/play/print/transpose these files. It is an awesome feature-packed plugin for sharing your composition with others that don't have the full program.

I'm having some issues right now with it in Safari-but there are fixes for it.
Hope this helps. I don't know of any other .sib extensions.