.IRF File Extension

CCTV Video File

Video File
Contains video/audio data from a CCTV security camera. These .irf files contain the actual video steam information.

Other .IRF file extensions
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    Convert CCTV IRF to AVI f
    2011-02-14 01:13:08
    Converting H264 recording to AVI files

    why? Convert your H264 .irf recording to portable .avi MPEG files.
    Send the recording to your desired recipients.
    Recording can be viewed via popular media players such as Windows Media Player, Quick Time, VLC.

    1. locate your backup recording segment.

    2. Open irftool.exe utility file.
    hint: irftool.exe can be located in the utility CD or be download from www[dot]iviewtech[dot]com download section.

    3. Open irftool and select the desired segment of recording. Click "Convert"

    4. Open the directory. AVI files converted and ready for playback with media players.
    2011-06-16 23:11:31
    That tool works but is there any similar tool that can batch convert more than one such file? My problem is that I have *many* of them. I can't believe there isn't even a command line tool with same functionality!