.DAA File Extension

PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive

Disk Image File
The .daa file extension stands for 'Direct Access Archive' and was created by PowerISO Computing for their CD/DVD image file-processing tool "PowerISO".

Unlike the majority of CD/DVD image formats, the .daa file format allows advanced features such as file compression, password protection, encryption and the ability to split files in to multiple volumes. Due to these advanced features, PowerISO is the only software package that can read the .daa format.

PowerISO is a fairly easy-to-use application that uses a simple drag-and-drop user interface and the (now standard) ability to copy/paste from the clipboard. It also supports shell integration (command line interface and scripting).

One of its main features is that it allows you to open, create (up to 64GB), edit and extract ISO files, allowing you to create backups of your valuable CD/DVD-Roms or to simply create CD/DVDs from files on your hard disk. Also, as it can recognise the majority of image file formats, you could convert your CD/DVD-Rom image collection over to the standard ISO format.

Another couple of PowerISO's useful features is the capability to create bootable ISO images (or make a non-bootable image bootable!) and create floppy disk image files.It also comes with an integrated virtual drive (similar to Daemon tools and Alcohol 120%) that can (obviously) mount .daa CD/DVD images, as well as other popular CD/DVD-Rom image file formats such as ISO, IMG, BIN, NRG, CDI etc.

Although you do not need a powerful PC to run PowerISO (Pentium 166Mhz, 64mb memory and 10mb drive space), it is only available for the Windows 98, ME, 2000/XP/2003 and Vista operating systems and unfortunately, the internal virtual drive component requires Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista or above. As yet, there is no Apple Mac equivalent.

You can download a trial of PowerISO which, while unregistered will not create or edit images larger than 300MB but apart from these restrictions, all other features and functions are available.

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Comments (19)
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2006-11-08 18:57:39
Does anyone know if .daa files and other CD/DVD images will still work on Windows Vista?
2007-01-14 21:40:18
Thanks for the information guys! Wasn't sure how to open a .daa file this morning, now I'm a master at buring ISOs and backups thanks to you!

2007-01-31 00:37:43
Is is just this poweriso program that will open these files or are there others?
2007-01-31 10:27:48
How do I open a .daa file?
2007-03-27 16:44:57
Well guys with vista who asked, This is the answer: PowerISO does NOT work with Vista (x64) because the driver isn't signed. Any of you with Vista know what a pain it is about signed drivers.

Someone needs to make a plugin for DEAMON TOOLS that supports .daa and other smaller companies formats that get you to buy their programs because you have to.
Rae Rae
2007-04-04 04:30:03
So, I downloaded a .daa file on my new macbook, is there no way I can play/burn this file?
2007-04-09 06:38:55
i have a large DAA file of size (3,462,620 kb) on my hard disk.

How do i burn this file onto CD rom disks of 700 MB capacity, using the free Poweriso software version?
2007-04-15 19:26:18
Why are people not able to use common software like WinRAR or Nero? Do I have to install PowerISO or is there another solution?
2007-04-16 15:26:59
Unfortunately, from what I understand, PowerISO is the ONLY software that can read, open, play, burn, convert a .daa file. It was made that way for a reason, like many of you have said already.
2007-04-19 10:28:43
Well I am trying to use power iso software but the problem is that i m unable to write it to a DVD. Can anyone tell me step by step what to do?
2007-04-21 19:18:09
I got PowerISO to split a large .ISO file which converts it to the .daa format. I want to make a bootable CD from this file, and now I'm lost. It doesn't seem like .daa is bootable.

Any ideas?
2007-12-04 21:01:37
I appreciate the help in finding out what's with the daa format and what program you use to uncompress it but I wish they would use a standard file format.
2008-01-18 15:13:02
I have a large file that when I try to open Power ISO replies that there is not enough memory avaliable. I was wondering if there was any way around this? I wish there were more .daa associated programs.
2008-01-27 13:55:22
Thanks for all the daa info you have here, great work - keep it up!
2008-02-03 07:56:09
My hard drive is littered with $20 and $30 "one-trick-pony" programs that I had to get to extract some archive.

Starting now, I am just going to look around a little more and find the target application archived in a "standard" format.
2008-07-10 03:01:15
I have problems with installation of PowerISO on Vista Ultimate x64. During installation it simply hangs up and does not finish.

Any ideas?
2008-10-02 05:55:23
Well I wanted to get PowerISO I took it but at the RUN image it said "Error launching installer". How can I fix this error it's a little annoying.
2008-10-14 00:40:01
I had the same problem as Kata. I created an account on their site and when I downloaded it - it gave me that error.
2010-09-07 07:31:20
How can I burn a bootable Windows XP image to make a bootable Win XP CD?