.NTH File Extension

ImageMagick VisualMagick jbig file

Image File
ImageMagick is a free software suite that allows you to create and edit bitmap images. ImageMagick can read/convert a huge number of different image formats.

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    Jay /
    2006-12-04 07:55:03
    Hi Rex :)

    I’m not sure exactly what it is you are looking for. Are you trying to open a .nth file or create one?
    2006-12-29 17:38:55
    how can i get NTH file
    2007-04-11 22:07:08
    i don't know of any program that can open a jbig file, it seems most are translated. if anyone knows how, please let us know!
    2008-01-20 02:05:01
    how can i open an nth file.plsss help me
    2008-03-18 11:11:01
    hi, im just browsing the net and trying to download some themes for my mobile yet the download cant proceed for it says "format not supported" or not a valid bitmap file. Paint is the folder which is the default application for opening...

    Can anybody help me please....thanks
    2008-06-21 06:25:13
    hey! i'm having a bit trouble in here, i just downloaded a theme for my phone and my desktop can't open the file because it was a nth file.... HELP!!!
    2008-08-26 00:17:22
    if u want to open that file using ur pc, change the extension .nth into .zip an open using winzip, bcoz, exactly it's an archived file
    2008-09-24 02:50:49
    I want to open nth files in my pc how is it possible to do?
    2008-10-21 02:07:53
    Just install WIN-RAR or 7-zip and then right click on the file, select "Open With" and then open with Win-Rar