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These files are created by Sony's PMB (Picture Motion Browser) application and are used to help index any generated video files.

These files appear with the .modd files and .m2ts video files.

The PMP software is bundled with various models of their Camcorders.

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2008-08-30 05:47:04
I have upoased videos from my HD camcorder but I am unable to open them. Was I supposed to install a program that would read that type of file. Next to the video clip I saw MOFF file. Plese let me know what I should do and how to do it please.
Thank you
2008-09-03 20:47:51
There should have been software that came with your camcorder. Don't worry about 'the .moff file (although since I'm not familiar with this I don't suggest deleting it, but I AM sure that it is NOT your video file).

The video file is either .m2ts (AVCHD, which is what my camera outputs) or .mpeg; this can be viewed through windows media player if you have the correct codec installed, which you probably don't, actually so can the AVCHD, but these codecs are much harder to come by.

If you don't know what the word codec is or refers to, I would suggest typing in "WMP codecs" into google and clicking the page that looks most like the official Microsoft WMP page and pay to get one of the codecs that will allow DVD play (I'M NOT SURE, BUT I DON'T THINK THESE CODECS WILL ALLOW AVCHD PLAYBACK, the .m2ts file type).

If you have AVCHD files then you will need to download a media file converter that is capable of converting AVC files (I would make sure also specifically AVCHD),

I can't really offer any help on finding converting software, other than, this was all probably somewhat confusing, but I hope it helps.
2008-09-22 01:38:57
I have a Sony HDR-SR11E and when I download from camcorder to computer, I get 3 files. .M2TS, MODD and a MOFF file. I am not sure, but think these MODD and MOFF files are merely used for identification and filing of the video file (M2TS). I deleted the MODD and MOFF files and imported the M2TS file to my video editing program and have had no trouble at all. I use Picture Motion Browser to import to the computer and Pinnacle Studio 12 to Edit.
Hope that helps.
2008-09-22 09:57:09
The only thing that I would caution against deleting the MODD and MOFF files are that, I think, they are what hold the date information. For instance when I play the video (even MPEG format) on my PS3 the date and time of day recorded is displayed underneath the file, whereas the one time I did delete MODD and MOFF files (to clean things up in the folder) I noticed there was no time stamp. (I also have the HDR-SR11, not the E-model though). This camcorder records in AVCHD, which the PS3 WILL play, but I can't stream M2TS files to the PS3, so I convert them to MPEG so that I can stream files to the PS3 from my PC (If anyone knows how to stream M2TS files to the PS3 that would be helpful to me since converting to MPEG takes hours).
2008-11-01 08:35:26
I want to join vedio clip which have extensions .moff & .modd. Please tell me the software to join the v-clips.
2008-11-04 04:35:22
Hi Shelly
please refer to my post 2 down from yours. I have found that I was correct and the M2ts file is all you need to view your video the moff and mod files are not necessary. Do you have picture motion browser. You should have received this with your camcorder
Krishna Saha
2009-02-02 07:30:46
I don't know how to convert to MODD or MOFF, but the thing is that I can't rescue this file from my SR45E Sony Handycam (HDD), when I connected to my PC USB port we found the file size, date and time are shown on screen but do not play the movie with the support by the media player, what should I do?
2009-02-06 15:26:02
I think we should probably not have bought a Sony. Seriously, who was the moron who thought video download should be this complicated? Of course, no one uses Windows, do they? I hope they have sacked Akio or whatever the fool's name is.
2009-04-05 06:06:39
I agree. the sony camcorder download process is way way too complicated. I am on my second day (about hour 4) and still cannot play mpg videos on my computer. Well I can on one computer and not another (no codec). Still trying to straighten this out.

I was able to get the video from camcorder to the computer using pmb. Why should I have to even use pmb? What if someone I send the video to does not have the right codec for win media player? What if they don't want to use WMP? Are they going to go pay for a codec just to watch my video. I don't think they will. this needs to be simplified.

If it weren't for the 14% restocking fee at best buy this baby would be history.
2009-04-16 14:21:14
you don't need to import them at all, just browse to the *.m2ts file and play with VLC.
2009-05-12 20:14:30
I was able to get the video from camcorder to the computer using pmb. Why should I have to even use pmb? What if someone I send the video to does not have the right codec for win media player? What if they don't want to use WMP? Are they going to go pay for a codec just to watch my video. I don't think they will. this needs to be simplified.

What you can do is import them via PMB and convert to MPEG-2 and send it that way.
2009-05-13 14:46:57
Pay for what? There are a hundred free codec packs that will render the format.
2009-05-23 14:09:40
I have a Sony DCR sx40. I'm quite happy with the results. Day one was able to record and download to pc.

The .moff .modd extensions are mostly for the PMB program. However, I also get a third file extention .mpeg.

You can simply transfer the mpeg to any folder and use a simple converter. I prefer converting to avi as I shoot in HD. I edit with avid express pro. No problems here.
2009-06-07 21:12:49
Sony SR11 and Lumix DMC_ZS3, HD and HD lite respectively.

The format is way too complicated for regular non techy users. The need for multiple files, m2ts modd moff (iis tmb cont for lumix) is crazy. Sony does at least have SW for converting to wmv and mpeg-2. But cannot open play m2ts with sony player unless it is first indexed by their MPB motion pic browser, hence sony acts like a crummy featureless windows browser, and competes with every other photo tool on your computer. Eventually tools will evolve to help but this is sheer madness.
Terry Link
2009-06-21 22:20:44
I just bought a Sony HDR-XR100 and pinnacle studio ultimate version 12. I am able to get my video on to my computer using Sony PMB I am not able to get the video into pinnacle to edit. HELP this is a recruiting video for my daughter for college. Anybody know how to do this?
2009-07-07 17:15:23
MOFF and MODD are just files that the Sony software uses to keep track of your clips. When I delete them I can still play them. You don't convert them as Krishna Saha thinks.

If you can't play them, download VLC. They display a bit choppy, but that goes away when you burn them onto a dvd, or what ever.
2009-07-16 21:20:57
by trial and error...
MOFF file is used by Picture Motion Browser to "show expanded thumbnails". This function can be turned on/off by the menu button on the upper right. Losing MOFF is no big deal.
2009-07-28 15:22:58
When I transfer videos from my Sony to my PC I get mpg files (which I can read with Windows Media Player) along with MODD and MOFF files. The problem I have is that I would like to join the mpg files and this doesn't work! I have tried several MPEG JOINERS and either they don't work, or the result is a mess! Any idea how to solve this problem (I would hate to have to re-encode the mpg files). Thanks
2009-07-28 15:31:34
I just found the right program to join the mpg files generated by my Sony: Video Redo. All the usual MPEG Joiners that I had tried failed. Hope it can be of help to people having the same problem!
2009-08-02 17:24:47
I have had no problem with my Cybershot DSC-T90 it has worked flawlessly with or without the PMB software. I do keep all the files together though and don't think they should be separate.
2009-08-07 08:08:29
I have a Sony Cyber-shot from which I have successfully uploaded still pictures using PMB.

However, the videos I uploaded have the audio, but the picture is just smear of color. What can I do to view these on PC or email them?
2009-08-13 19:48:42
I downloaded the codec for free from a website and now I can play the video WITH SOUND using WMP. But the quality is pretty poor. My mom has a point and shoot Sony camera and I have no problems downloading those videos, and they are very clear, much better quality then this $300 camcorder! I am really disappointed. Why is the quality so lacking?

Is there another program I can play the videos with (I think they are .mpg or .mpeg) that is better quality? This camcorder records to both micro disks and to a memory stick, and the videos on disk are way better than the videos on the memory stick. I don't get it, am I doing something wrong?
2009-08-22 07:09:34
I have downloaded my files from the Sony Handycam to my computer. Each clip has 3 files - a moff, a modd, and a mpg. I cannot open the modd and moff files. The mpg will open in media player and it plays but there is no picture and no sound. I don't understand why this is so difficult. What am I doing wrong?
2009-10-06 09:24:06
I have found that the HD video runs poorly on my work computer but the standard video works fine. I don't have HD compatible software (like BluRay software). If you get the right programs downloaded you should be able to view your videos. The modd and moff extensions are used by the Sony program that comes with the camera. They will be used by that program otherwise, don't worry about them.
2009-11-03 14:57:32
Dear lord - do you people NOT read these posts?

VLC plays everything and is free. It's also, hands down, the MOST powerful video player ever created and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

FYI: Pinnacle products are quite finicky about what file types it can import, check for additional plugins for your device/codec. (just a warning: they cost $).

As far as playing Bluray video, BR uses the AVCHD codec which is pretty heavily compressed requiring both fast (multi-core mininum)CPU's and GPU's. I would suggest an Nvidia 8x series or ATI HDxxxx series or later card for smooth playback.
2009-12-13 08:35:26
Like Michelle, I can download my videos but I do not get any sound. What am I doing wrong.
2010-03-01 10:49:24
Just go into file properties and hide them.
sony question
2010-03-02 12:03:15
Don't have the camera in front of me but it's a Sony and records to both disc & stick. I prefer to record to stick, it imports quickly through PMB - quality of video & sound is excellent on my Dell laptop, the problem is when I import mpegs to Adobe Premiere, can edit and join them, but lose the sound? Do I need to convert to Mpeg2 before using in Premiere? Thanks.
2010-12-03 14:25:20
What I can't figure out is when I first uploaded my clips from sony camcorder through PMB I didn't see the moff etc files next to the clips but later they were there with a duplicate clip. I can only guess that I uploaded them again or copied then replaced them in same folder after some change I did in options or something.
2010-12-19 00:57:03
I am using PMB for exporting videos from my Sony HDR-110E. I just noticed today that .moff file is missing for one video clip. I tried exporting the video again from camera. PMB again has not produced any moff file.

Is there any way to re-create this file?
2011-03-28 17:59:36
Here's my Issue. I recently got a Macbook Pro. And I have some Videos that were unable to be seen on My PC so I put them on disk.

When I insert the disk in the Mac My videos are still unable to be seen.They are in .Modd and .Moff files (Which I know are PMB stuff) Also Those same files show a picture on a gray box with lime green Excel written in the to corner.

*They showed on my PC using VLC but wouldn't go into a editing program.

My question is How do I get these to open and play on my Mac? What Mac friendly program will do this? Or How can I do this? Also,Please Dumb your answer.I'm not very computer smart =) Thank you.
2011-05-20 13:00:07
I have tried downloading VLC and it said there were errors and then canceled my download, I've tried SO MANY things and nothing seems to work. I UNFORTUNATELY purchased a Sony HD AVCHD handy cam and i can put my videos on to PMB but that software wont let me BURN to a disc, i have tried to many but the software wont allow me to burn my files because they are "moff" or something. I don't get why its not straight forward like my NIKON! I'm so frustrated as i'm sure you all are too!

Does anyone know what is the best software for me to download my videos on to so i can burn a disc of all my family videos?