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JVC Everio Camcorder Video File

Video File
The .MOD file format is used by various digital camcorder models (I.E JVC Everio) to save their videos. These files are often accompanied by small .MOI files (See links below) which contain the videos' time-stamp information.

The .MOD format is simply a MPEG2 formatted video, and if you simply wish to view the files on your computer, it is reportedly safe to rename the extension from .mod to .mpg or .avi

The known camcorder models that use the .MOD format are:

JVC: GZ-MG30, GZ-MG70, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG77, GZ-MG505, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG255, GZ-MG555

Panasonic: SDR-S100, SDR-S150, SDR-S10, SDR-H18, SDR-H200, SDR-H40, SDR-H60, SDR-SW20

Canon: FS100, FS10, FS11

Other .MOD file extensions

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    2008-07-08 22:20:43
    Hey Carolyn

    I converted it to avi, it'll play on windows media player, but when I try to put it in windows movie maker...not working, it wouldn't go into the media library

    Then afterwards, the mpeg went in with sound...but no video

    Thanks for the help!
    2008-07-13 14:29:57
    Hi MW and Jack.

    Could you please explain us in a more clear way (step-by-step) the procedure to create the batch file. I mean for instance where we have to put this file. How can we work with it.
    Please be more clear for me and maybe for someone else.
    Thank you. Bye. Antonio
    Kyleigh Lambert
    2008-07-14 19:24:21
    Have been trying to download pics to PC but on the lcd on jvc GZ-MG20 AA Hard disc camcorder screen it says usb mass storage. what am i doing wrong????
    2008-07-17 04:05:38
    For Kyleigh Lambert.
    Nothing wrong I guess. Link correctly the camcorder to the PC and just download photos. Remember to delete 'em from camcorder if you don't also want them anymore.
    Let us know.
    2008-07-19 23:13:47
    Steve in FL....

    Does Cyblerlink PowerDirector 7 bring the time / date stamp from the video? If it does, it may be the answer to my problem.
    steve in FL
    2008-07-20 09:46:18
    I'm not sure I understand your question, bikekadude. It does retain the creation date/timestamp property, and will update the date modified property when you edit it.. or are you talking about the timestamp shown overlayed on the movie itself? I'm not familiar with that, because I believe that's a setting on your camera that you can turn on/off.. I have mine disabled, so I don't have that timestamp on my movies. Sorry if this doesn't help.
    2008-07-21 12:49:51

    I got all confused about this too but it's real easy. When you hook your camera up to the computer, move the button on the camera on your pictures, not video. Then turn on your camcorder onto "playback" position.

    After you do this, the task manager should popup on your screen and ask you: What do you want to do with these files? Then it'll give you a choice of where to put them. Simply choose where you want them to go and they'll start transferring onto your computer. I used my photo files for example, but you could put them in 'my pictures' or anywhere else you want them to go. You need to have picture software to edit them though.
    2008-07-21 18:45:26
    I just downloaded the prism converter to convert my .mod files from my JVC camcorder, but the 16:9 ratio flag still isn't right. The videos are still being smashed into 4:3 and i've adjusted all the settings I have access to.
    2008-07-22 07:01:56
    is there any way to play .MOI files in media player?
    2008-07-22 09:11:36
    hi all

    what a useful forum...

    when using my files from everio they seem to be incredibly big (multiple gb)is this simply down to my recording quality? and...

    a quick question about powerdirector express (free version that comes with everio). it seems to have a 3.8gb file limit on it (about 3mins or so of vid) when producing videos. is this the case for everyone? i'm trying to make a montage of holiday vids (30 or so mins i guess)

    i tried converting .mod to .avi and then using adobe prem 6 to edit. unfortunately when exported from there, there is no sound or video! perhaps an issue with vista (one of many!!)

    2008-07-23 07:18:05
    I am looking for a prog that will convert .MOI files in to .MOD? And wondering why my camera is storing vids as these two different formats and not just one type?
    2008-07-23 20:37:10
    Steve in FL, I was referring to the time / date stamp overlayed on the movie itself. Even with the feature enabled on the camera, it won't download video into a PC with the stamp. You have to buy the JVC Sharestation DVD burner ($200). Based on other forums I've seen, about half of them don't work. Its been really frustrating.

    Also, if you go to the website below you can download a tool called SDCopy which will pull video straight off of the camera and convert the .mod files to .mpg and maybe some other formats. It also has a check box for 16:9 aspect. I havent tried the widscreen functionality yet but forums on CNET's website all speak highly of it. It does take some time so be patient.;topic=280.0;id=153
    2008-07-24 07:45:06
    BenW, Have you tried using Windows Movie Maker? I know there is no time limit of time there. I think (a long time ago) I used the freeware you get with the camcorder, (powerdirector express) and had no problem with longer movies. See if you can find any updates you are lacking from Microsoft. I have no clue about Vista. I bought a new computer last year and opted not to get Vista because of the problems I'd heard about. (although I don't think it has anything to do with this) And yes, your files are rather large when you import them and may 'blow up' exponentially when you convert them. No one seems to understand why. Thats why it's always good to have lots of GB!

    Bikekadude, thanks for the great tip about the SD copy. Thats good news for a bunch of people in here!
    2008-07-28 22:42:52
    Hi, all.

    Well, I used the "Prism Converter" and it works.
    But when I play my video, there's no sound at all.
    I'm not sure if anyone asked this question, but yeah.
    If anyone can help me. Thank You So Much!
    2008-07-29 07:53:57
    Mary, please give us specifics. What did you convert the files to? Did you check the movies for sound before you uploaded them? Using MAC or windows? If you are using windows, which version? Did you check the volume controls on your computer? Any other details are always helpful.
    2008-08-01 02:52:21
    Hi all

    I rename .MOD file to MPG this is very easy, the only problem I am having now is I do use prism to convert to mp4 but on this conversion there is no sound?
    I have done this before and there was no problem.

    2008-08-01 17:43:37
    I have a JVC GZ-MG132 camcorder. I've not edited with it yet, but have transferred contents of hard drive to PC using provided Enverio software. Have also purchased Ulead Vieostudio 11.5+. Not used it yet as need to upgrade PC spec to run software.

    Has anyone used Ullead 11.5+ to edit files? If so, how have people found it for editing? I've got to film in about 2 weeks, and am reluctant to wipe recorded hard drive content before editing. Should i delete all content? Can i edit content from using Ulead if transferred to PC? Thanks, jazzymazzy
    2008-08-04 12:50:43

    I have converted a batch of files from .mod to .mpg and the audio wont play on a mac but works on a pc. I am going to be editing in final cut so any help would be great!


    Stoner Matt
    2008-08-09 15:58:34
    Hi There,
    I also bought a JVC Camcorder GZ-MG364 and finally (thanx for the help posted here!) could convert the file into an .AVI file with prism. but now when I try to import it into the windows movie maker, i get an new window saying that i don't have the right CODEC on my computer!!? so again, it doesn't work!! I already used ours to try everything.
    can please someone help me? i get crazy with that camera!!! :-(
    thanx in advance! (i'm not a computer freak)
    stoner matt
    2008-08-10 09:41:15
    Stoner Matt- All you have to do is change the file extension from .mod to .mpg. Then the files will open in Windows Movie Maker. Unfortunately, if you recorded in 16:9 it will squish the movie into 4:3. I haven't found a way to get around this yet. I seen about a couple 'free' downloads that are supposed to work, like SDcopy, but I'm wary of downloading unknown stuff off the net.
    2008-08-12 09:26:53

    I was having trouble converting the .MOD files to .avi or .mpg using Prism Video Converter. I would get audio but no video on the resulting files. I went into Options > Conversion and enabled the "Use FFMPEG First" option by checking the box. This made it work like a charm.

    Carolyn you are a saint.

    Mark M
    2008-08-15 12:58:39
    Carolyn - Thanks for all you do! I read the first few posting and my daughter is now working (editing) with WMM her JVC gzmz155 camera.

    U R A Lifesaver

    2008-08-15 17:34:46
    Stoner Matt, Have you looked at the options in WMM? Seems to me you can get the new codec update you need there. Yep, just looked. On the general part of the options, you'll see a box that needs to be checked. It says 'download codecs automatically'. Check it and see what happens. Also, in Prism converter, look under 'encoder options'. This may take you a bit of time, but tell me what your encoder options are set to. You may need to change them there for the correct codec. Just not sure which place is gonna fix it for you. Christopher, In the WMM options, go to 'advanced'. There is a place where you can change the ratio there. (either 4:3 or 16:9) Have you tried this yet? Dan, you are very sweet!
    2008-08-18 11:39:23
    Hi I have just brought a jvc GZ-MG132 and am trying to transfer my video files to my movie magix edit pro 10 editing programme and it is not recognizing it, i tried using the firewire cable that i used from my old camera and it doesnt fit into new cam, can anyone please help????
    2008-08-20 05:20:10
    carolynD- Yes, I tried setting WMM to 16:9 but the video is still squished into 4:3. I know it has something to do with information being stored in the .moi file. When you convert the .mod the 16:9 tag gets lost. I've heard Ulead doesn't have this problem, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Has anyone used SDCopy? Anyone know of any good, but reasonably priced video editing software that can handle .mod and not lose 16:9?
    2008-08-21 23:33:47
    To those who have suffered the wraith of JVC's MOD file issues I have found on the following website by far the easist way to change a large batch of file extensions to MPEG's

    Simply right click on your video folder open command prompt copy and paste the following: FOR %F IN (*.MOD) DO rename %F %~nF.MPG
    then hit enter if you find when you open the command prompt it has "name" not recognised you may need to remove the name of the folder and change it back later.
    for example "josh and alex" and "sara and josh" for some reason i found there were some words that were repeated that it did not like so i change the folder name to just a date.

    2008-08-22 01:11:00
    I've just converted a MOD file using Prism Video Converter. The file has been saved as an AVI file, but when I try to play it in Media Player I get a message saying that the codec download failed. I have no idea what this means. Can you help?
    2008-08-22 16:26:53
    Hi all...I personally found all these different comments from different people very useful. Totally agree, the video format needs to be converted to MPEG2 but this did not solve my problem. The reason why the audio will not play when you burn your video to DVD is because of the Audio format. These files recorded with the JVC HDD Cam have AC3 Audio format which apparently are not supported by DVD. Change Video to MPEG2 and the Audio to MP3 and then burn them to DVD/VCD and it works perfectly...Video and Audio both perfect!...Hope this helps u all!
    2008-08-22 16:32:28
    And if u experience that the JVC HDD Video plays with the sound on some video editing software but not on Windows Media Player, your problem is possibly audio codecs.

    These codecs are simply great. I struggled to find the right codec until I found that site!....Highly recommend!
    2008-08-24 11:02:20
    For peter26: please give us specifics.Using MAC or windows? If you are using windows, which version?
    Thank you.
    Brian S
    2008-08-24 22:17:40
    G'day Carolyn

    A huge THANK YOU for your advise on how to convert MOD files from JVC camcorders to AVI format. It has been a god send for me and now I can start converting my vidoes of kids and family for posting on youtube et al.. so well done & keep up your great work. Hope Prism are paying you well!!
    Thank you from Brian S (Melbourne Australia)
    2008-09-09 12:46:21

    I will really appreciate if someone can answer my question regarding prism I am trying to convert .VOB to MPG, I have version 1.17 of prism installed (free trial). It only converts 22 seconds of the 30 minute video. Yes I have tried saving the Video on my local drive, and the video that i am trying to convert does not have copyrights on it. Any help is appreciated.

    2008-09-09 17:11:11
    Julia, you need version 1.04, which is not a trial version. It is a free version of Prism Pro. You simply downloaded the wrong version. See if this helps you and if not, come back. The link is above in several places. Just browse to find it. Brian S. Prism is not paying me a dime. I donate all my time here for free and recommended Prism's product because it worked.
    2008-09-18 10:18:42

    I have a JVC Everio GZ-MG130 and am trying to find a video editing program that will allow me to show the date/time stamp on the video when converting it to MPEG file on the computer. I see several out there, however, either they require an IEEE cable (not a USB cable) or do not support the file type outputted by the camera. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
    2008-09-21 22:56:42

    I have the same problem. So far, I haven't found anything that works other than offloading the video to VHS (can you say 1980s?) or buying the Sharstation docking and DVD burner from JVC ($200). If you've found something that works, even with a IEEE cable, I'd be interested to know. I think I'll call Leo Laporte the Tech Guy to see if there's anything he can suggest.
    2008-09-25 07:48:36
    .mod to .avi or any other extension.

    My JVC came with Cyberlink software that will produce the .mod files in any format you wish.

    I actually make them in to .avi's and put them on to my mac in Imovie.

    works like a charm!
    2008-10-04 08:11:27
    This bat-file also works great with all flash based Canon camcorders. (I renamed JVC to Canon, though...)

    2008-10-20 18:49:08
    I am very new to converting files and I am VERY lost. I am in the same situation as most of you with the JVC camera. I tried following Carolyn[HELPER] steps and I am lost from the very beginning. I downloaded the program to the link you posted, but I am unsure as to what to do next. All of my videos are in the browse videos portion of the program I downloaded onto my computer that came with the camera. Can someone help me and breakdown the steps a little further? Thank you so much!
    A. Rahman Abu Bakar
    2008-10-25 01:00:35
    I want to edit my videos shot in Panasonic SDRH40 camcorder using windows movie maker. But windows movie maker doesn't recognise .MOD file format. So this batch file process is helpful for converting in this case? How to run a batch file? Is there any software can edit this thing?
    2008-11-03 10:13:39
    What software do I use to build a TV Movie out of several of the .MOD files and burn it to a DVD? I would also like to use pictures in this movie. CyberLink only converts to AVI & MPEGs. Also, when creating an 18 min. AVI file, Cyberlink gave me an error of the file being to big??? What is the largest size acceptable in terms of minutes?
    2008-11-05 08:13:19
    I haven't read all the comments here, but here is my suggestion(s):
    * I'm using CyberLink Power Director 8 and it works great with JVC's MOD files.
    * I also tried muvee Reveal 7 and it also works great with JVC's MOD files. These are not free tools, but if you are serious about the movie making stuff, you should try these tools.
    * After I edit my movies and produce the final MPEG2, before uploading to YouTube or GodTube, I change the format to DivX, which is smaller than MPEG2 and the quality is better. To convert to DivX format, I use DivX Pro, not free, but very cheap:)

    BTW, I have tried all these in both XP Pro and Vista and all worked great.
    2008-11-06 06:52:37
    Elizabeth, go back to page one of this forum and the steps are clearly laid out for you. Basically however, once you have the prism installed on your computer, plug in your camcorder to upload your movie. When the task manager pops up, click on 'save files to computer'. Once you do that, you will see a list of mpeg2 files (mod) and other files.

    For movies, use the mod files only. If you have 3 of them, minimize your .mod files, then add a new folder (or 3 new folders) to your desktop. Label them like a, b, c, d, etc. I use separate folders to keep them all straight but you can use one folder for all of them if you like.

    Once you have that done, open your prism converter. Minimize it. Go back to your mod files and click/highlight the first one. Open the prism file and drag and drop the first .mod file to your prism. Then find and select the folder you want to create the files in on your desktop (a, b, c, d, etc.) AND choose your extension.

    Use .avi extension for PC's or .mpg for MAC's. Then click on 'convert' in Prism. Do each mod file the same way. Drag and drop. You can also drag and drop them all into the prism and convert them all at one time. Both ways are a bit time consuming but relatively take the same amount of time. Just depends on how you like to do things.

    After you're done, turn off your camera and disconnect it from your computer. Open Windows Movie Maker and import your files, one at a time. You are now ready to drag and drop your movie into the timeline and create it. Its really easy if you follow each step.

    A Rahman - Use the same technique. You must convert your files to either .avi or .mpg to use them in WMM.
    2008-11-10 08:59:47
    I made a small mistake in my comment dated 2008-11-05 10:13:19 - muvee Reveal *does not* recognize MOD files :(
    2008-11-26 05:32:44
    Thanks MW! You saved my day before Thanksgiving.
    ben harper
    2008-12-12 23:09:56
    i love you caroline! you saved my life! thanks. (:
    2008-12-14 20:26:00
    I have a new Dell PC with a Vista home basic OS. I can open and play my home made everio videos with PowerCinema NE but I am unable to produce DVD's. I click in the videos I wish to copy to DVD and get the following message (Do you want to make a disc with these files? DVD disc, 31 items with 0.0 MB to F:TSSTcorpDVD+-H653FD200).

    I click OK and receive the following message (An error occurred. PowerCinema NE for Everio cannot finish the specificied task. Error code 80004005)

    I used this program on my old PC which had an XP OS and it worked fine.

    Any suggestions as to how this problem can be solved would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest regards,

    2008-12-15 13:14:16
    It's been awhile since I was last in here, but here is a bit of advice for those with the JVC's Everio GZ-MG330 and the MODs you get from them. I use Powerdirector to do all my video editing on my laptop. My laptop, of the several I combed through, happened to have the software already installed which was a fantastic surprise since the Windows MovieMaker didn't want to play nice with a MOD at all.

    Powerdirector comes from and is better than WMM in my opinion. I can instantly upload straight to YouTube, transfer the MOD to WMM-friendly MPG or AVI, and straight burn to DVD or go all out and make professional grade DVDs of events, etc. I am not a pimp for PD, it just happened to come with my laptop. Had it not, I'd be one of the people in here, early and often, growling about the MOD squeezed video conundrum.

    My BIGGEST complaint, still, is the horrific numbering system. Pathetic. Someone told me to just go by the date/time stamp, but I shouldn't have to in the first place: GRRR!!!

    OK, that is my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps!

    Berend J. van den Berg
    2008-12-25 03:58:49
    I often read questions about 'no sound while burning *.mod files f.i. with Nero 6' or 'I can play *.mod files but I hear no sound' et cetera.

    I own a simply videocam (JVC GZ-MS100) and I had the same problems.

    Maybe this is the solution: I went to and I downloaded the AC3 codec (filter) named AC3 Filter 1.51a. Totally free. I installed this file on my PC and restarted my PC.

    Conclusion: I had sound playing the *.mod files AND sound on my burned DVD's by means of Nero 6! By the way, Nero 6 reads the *.mod extension. Maybe this will be a little help for those who are scrolling the whole internet looking for solutions.

    Furthermore, I think (my experience) that the solution of converting the *.mod files to f.i. AVI, MPG et cetera ALWAYS means a loss of quality. So I think that the AC3 filter (or codec) is a pleasant alternative. Please let me know if this will help you! Regards, Berend.
    2008-12-26 21:09:24
    Carolyn you are wonderful. I tried all the instructions and they worked perfectly well. However, after converting my .MOD files to AVI and imported to Windows Movie Maker I had the message below:

    C:Documents and SettingsKentDesktopVideo convertedMOV00A.avi could not be imported. The required codec was not downloaded automatically because the Download codecs automatically check box is not selected in the Options dialog box

    I then went to Tools and checked the Download codes box but there was still an error. Please advice.
    2009-01-01 10:11:21
    ATTENTION MAC USERS!!!! Hope this will clarify. It's quite long-winded...but it works...!!!

    After reading many conflicting ideas put forward, here is a FOOLPROOF method I eventually found for converting .MOD files to either use as a simplified view on your Mac, or for converting these files for import into iMovie HD.

    1) Plug in your DVD camera to your Mac via USB (Panasonic SDR-S7 or other using .mod extension as standard files).
    2) Copy/Drag the SD_VIDEO folder onto your desktop from the 'NO NAME' icon which are the contents of the camera's memory card.
    3) Locate the .mod files in the program folders and extract these to another created folder on the desktop, say for example: "Newpics1". Ignore the .MOI files or any other file types.
    4) In this new folder, convert/rename all these .mod extension files into .avi. Simply retype the replacement letters in the file name. You will be prompted for this each time you replace the .mod suffix, and simple confirm "use .avi"
    5) Go to the following website and download and install this application (Binary Version of VLC Player release 0.9.8a):
    6) Once installed, locate and open up the .avi files from your folder. You should now have no problem viewing (and hearing) your video recordings.
    You will need to do the following as these converted .avi files are unable to be read by iMovies. You may receive a Quicktime parsing error if you attempt this. No matter - here is the solution after completing steps 1-6 above.
    7) Go to this website and download and install the application ffmpegX:
    8) When the application is opened, follow the instructions for downloading the 3 binary files required. Simply copy and paste the web locations and download the 3 small files to your desktop (they are called mpeg2enc, mencoder & mplayer). Then target these three desktop files by pressing the 3 'locate' buttons in the pop-up window whihc appeared on launch of the application. Enter password and confirm.
    9) The ffmpegX application should now open.
    10) Drag your .avi files, one at a time, into the 'from' area of the source format window (ignore the window if it remains on caption 'mpeg' - it does not affect the process). The important reference is at the top where the 'Open' file should show the .avi suffix.
    11) Go to the dropdown menu from the small arrow in the "To" area of the Target format window. Select the .MOV option from the dropdown.
    12) Hit the 'encode button and your file should then be converted into a file, and be stored in the same location as the imported .avi file, or you can store it under a different name using the 'save as' function in the main window of the application.
    13) Open IMovie and drag and drop your new files into the various windows.
    14) You should be all set

    Hope this helps you Apple folks out there