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JVC Everio Camcorder Video File

Video File
The .MOD file format is used by various digital camcorder models (I.E JVC Everio) to save their videos. These files are often accompanied by small .MOI files (See links below) which contain the videos' time-stamp information.

The .MOD format is simply a MPEG2 formatted video, and if you simply wish to view the files on your computer, it is reportedly safe to rename the extension from .mod to .mpg or .avi

The known camcorder models that use the .MOD format are:

JVC: GZ-MG30, GZ-MG70, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG77, GZ-MG505, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG255, GZ-MG555

Panasonic: SDR-S100, SDR-S150, SDR-S10, SDR-H18, SDR-H200, SDR-H40, SDR-H60, SDR-SW20

Canon: FS100, FS10, FS11

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    2008-01-25 06:40:00
    David is spot on with his recommendation of Intervideo WinDVD. I tried all sorts of file converters including Prisim. I could not get the sound to work on my files at all. Win DVD is the only thing I have that opens the mod files ok. I prviously used Pinnacle 9.4.3 and liked it but I just cant get any sound in my JVC mod files after conversion.

    Really Frustrating
    2008-01-25 12:57:11
    hi out there!

    a friend of mine lost many videos from a 2 month research on monkeys in the brazilian jungle. i try to recover lost and partly overwritten mod-files.

    my question: does anyone know details about the file headers and trailers? are there special signatures or flags?

    thx&greetz from austria/europe,
    2008-01-25 21:24:59
    I tried out David's suggested program and I got successful results. It made the original files into a DVD that burned. There is one problem. My camera is 16:9 and the program would only let me do 4:3. It squished the picture to fit into the 4:3 ratio. Is there a setting I overlooked or is that the only way it will make it? I was using the demo version.
    2008-01-27 15:16:12
    i have a jvc gz-mg21 it came with cyberlink software (director,producer & player) use director to edit then press produce it goes through svrt then is suppose to open in producer only problem is when svrt is finished and opens producer i get a message saying the files im importing to producer from director ar not compatable.have e-mailed cyberlink after 4 e-mail responses there solution was to upgrade my software and pay about $90.i then e-mailed jvc about 6 times at last count i don't think they know what to do because the replies they send don't help there last response was they can't understand why my files on mg 130 won't play using vista..i told them the model and that my o/s was xp sp2 obviously not reading my e-mails properly..can anybody help with my problem??
    2008-01-28 20:59:57
    I emailed the WinDVD people (Corel) and they said their program does not support 16:9 video, forces it to 4:3. So I'll either have to find something else that does support 16:9 and will work with .mod files or start shooting everything 4:3.
    2008-01-29 06:10:33
    This kinda makes you wonder why they give you the 16:9 option in the first place doesn't it? We informally came to this conclusion earlier in the forum.... if you read it. JVC even states it in their manual instructions. I would suggest using the 4:3 option only. Its the only one I've used from the git go and not had any major problems with it, in that respect. I've always had sound using 4:3 mode and my videos have always been consistent in size.

    Mark, what system are you running? Windows or Mac? That makes a big difference. If you are not changing the file extension, then it won't work, you are right. You have to change it to use it properly the way we understand it.

    Klaus, could you be more specific please? "Does anyone know details about the file headers and trailers? are there special signatures or flags?" What are you asking specifically please.
    2008-01-29 06:29:42
    Carolyn, that is what I'll have to do unless I come across another program that does support 16:9. Maybe someday, someone will come up with one. I'll just have to figure out what to do with the video I already have now that's already shot in 16:9.
    2008-01-30 13:22:12
    i am using windows xp have followed the jvc manual to the letter but for some reason when svrt closes it is suppose to then open the producer.the producer starts to open then i get the message.
    Jimi T
    2008-02-04 05:15:00
    I just bought an Everio MG20 and spent a few days floundering around looking for a way to convert MOD files to a format I can then edit using Premiere Pro. I tried the simple methods like changing the extention but still had problems with sound etc. I then surfed to a site that showed me the software included with the camera, specifically PowerDirector Express, converts MODs into 4 different types of file, .avi .DivX .MPEG1 and MPEG2 simply and with no problems that Ive found so far. Since then Im happily editing away and wondering why I keep seeing people say the bundled softwares no use for converting to other formats.
    Check out this URL and see if it makes life with your JVC camera a bit easier.
    2008-02-04 16:32:39
    Thanks Jimi T.

    I looked at the powerdirector express again and took another look under the 'produce' button. It looks like a great tool for making DVD's only? I'll have to play around with it more. I never saw where you could convert it to the different type files after you make your movie. We've all been looking for ways to convert before we make the movie instead. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Mark, why don't you just use windows movie maker instead of using Cyberlink software. The rest of us have had good results from using it and I think it's more straight forward than the cyberlink software. (although I like both of them OK) WMM is freeware and you probably already have it on your PC. If not you can get it from the service pak 2, I believe from Microsoft.

    MRM, there doesn't seem to be a fix for right now, but someone might have a suggestion to help you soon.
    Jimi T
    2008-02-05 06:15:09
    Carolyn, you don't need to make the movie before you convert, thats the point,import the movie,drag it into the timeline and hit the Produce button, thats when you hit create file and you are given the 4 different formats to choose from, then you simply pick, producer remakes the same movie you took, in a different format. Then you can import into a decent editor. The link explains it all even with pictures. The tutorial is for a different model than I have, some details with preferences are different, but that didnt make any difference.
    2008-02-05 07:42:14
    Thanks for the info Jimi. I'll have to take a further look at it. I did just as you said though. Imported a clip and then converted it. To me, it seems like a lot simpler format to just use the prism converter. The program is easier to open and use and takes less time to convert and import. But thats just me. What might seem easier for me, might not be for you. Also, with the prism converter, you are given a lot more choices for file extension which someone might need, like .mpg, .mmv or .mov, respectively. The Cyberlink software does offer mpeg1 files and they are not included in the prism, so if someone needed to convert to mpeg1 or 2, that'd be the way to go! Not everyone uses the 4 file extensions they offer, however. Thats what makes this forum is so valuable.
    Jimi T
    2008-02-06 04:36:51
    Thanx for your help and time Carolyn, I do see the value in the Prism Coverter and will make it part of the set of formatters I have. I agree, without forums such as this one I wouldnt have learned so much more about this and other subjects. Again it shows when people talk, so much more get's achieved for the benefit of everyone.
    bloody hell,I cant believe I just wrote that :-O
    Jimi T
    2008-02-06 04:56:04
    I forgot to mention, there are some things you may need to change in the preferences in Producer. It tells you what, in the tutorial at the web site I posted in my first post.
    2008-02-06 06:36:46
    Jimi, I have used that program to convert the mod files and was not able to burn them to a disc. I got burn errors just like I did when burning the mod files before converting using the same program. But I'll go back and double check my settings based on that link you gave. The WinDVD program is the only thing I have used that will successfully burn the mod files to a disc.
    2008-02-08 11:12:59
    Just got a Panasonic SDR-40 (hard drive camcorder).
    How do I convert MOI/MOD files into a format that my MAC can recognize? Is there any hope for this?
    2008-02-08 12:53:31
    I'm having the same audio problem, but can't seem to find any answers. I have a handful of .MOD files that I filmed, and when I play them (through Windows Media Player, etc) they don't have any audio.

    However, I know the files DO have audio because at SOME point in the past I had converted some of them to .avi files, and they are complete with audio in that case. I don't know if I used the software that came with the camera, or something else...

    All I know is that right now, I have a bunch of .MOD files that are in a strange aspect ratio (when converted they're in regular 16x9 as .avi) and they have no sound.

    Can anyone tell me a SIMPLE way/program to convert these files and have the audio come through as well? I've tried the simple renaming to .mpg and that plays the video, but no audio...

    PLEASE HELP! Thanks! undies78 _AT_
    2008-02-08 15:58:27
    Hi Mauro, welcome to the .mod forum! Please read through the above posts. You can find several ways to accomplish this by reading over them. One way is to use the Prism converter but there are several other programs suggested that work well too. If you still need help, just let us know.
    2008-02-09 00:37:50
    @carolyn: i need as much info as possible about the file header and trailer: lenght, fields, variables, descriptors, offset, etc. i try to make a header template for .mod files to do a physical search on the whole disk. the problem in my case was, that folders on the usb-disk are named equally (YYYYMMDD) in parent folders named "videos" and "pictures". my friend did a move within explorer from the picture directory to the same named video subdirectory. so, the directory was overwritten. but, as i hope, that ntfs doesnt use exactly the same clusters to randomly write data.

    TIA & kind regards,
    2008-02-09 10:18:11
    hi all,

    concerning my data recovery efforts:

    as far as i could see from good .mod files, the header must start like this:

    00 00 01 BA 44 00 04 00 etc...

    at an offset of 115 bytes, the actual data stream seems to start. if i compare the good .mod files i have, the first 115 bytes are identical.

    the tail of the .mod file is terminating with lots of FF

    can anyone acknowledge this?

    if i compare the .mod to an .mpg file, only the first 4 bytes are identical:
    00 00 01 BA

    the reason why i am asking is that i try to do a surface analysis to recover (partly) overwritten .mod streams, that were overwritten by accident.

    TIA & greetz
    2008-02-09 11:13:19
    I tried Prism and it did create an .avi file out of one of my .mod files, BUT: The .avi file didn't have any video OR audio. Prism said: "Warning: Incorrect timestamps found in the source file. It is recommended to specify the framerate manually for this file."

    Again, I don't know what program I used when I converted the MOD files to AVI the last time (probably software that came with the camera), but the avi files that I got when done were in the correct aspect ratio (16x9) and had audio as well.

    I've been unable to find anything to convert them since. Prism doesn't seem to work- anything else I can try here? It's very frustrating!

    THanks- Kevin (undies78 at yahoo for email)
    2008-02-13 03:57:39
    I have Jvc gz-mg 135.First i download movies from camera to PC.Then convert in Virtual dub to RGB full procesing mode.But 2 seconds video become too large (1GB).For editing i use adobe premiere.This is the only way i know now.Does any one know the better way.
    2008-02-13 21:36:14

    The ONLY thing I've found to actually work 100% and do everything I need it to do was Cyberlink Power Director (I'm using version 6). Yes, it cost extra. No, I don't think you should have to purchase a program to edit the video that the camera you bought shoots.

    I think Power Director might be the software that came with the camera when I got it, but I've since returned that and went back to DV tape. But in the future, if companies would just make the files NORMAL files (like mpg, avi, etc) I'd be willing to try a hard-disk camera again.

    Again- if you want something that will work flawlessly, converting the MOD file to an AVI file, changing the framerate to 16x9 if you shot it that way, complete with audio- get Cyberlink Power Director. That's all I can say, having tried Prism and a handful of others with no positive results.

    Thanks and good luck! :)
    2008-02-17 18:16:40
    Hey guys, noticed you seemed to fix every other persons problem, so here's my problem;

    I've got one of those fancy-pants JVC Hard Disk camcorder, and after getting the NCH video converter, I tried coverting to WMV's but this butchered the sound so I tried coverting them to AVI's, which keeps the sound quailty perfect.

    However, after I imported the AVI file into Sony Vegas, there was no video or sound!

    Vegas is far superior to Movie Maker in everyway so please help guys (or girls)!
    2008-02-17 18:33:10
    Kevin is right. Power Director will work. The camera comes with Power Director Express which does not have the capability of burning to a disc. I'm not sure if that's their way of sticking it to people and making them buy something else or why that is. JVC owners can upgrade for a lower price ($44.95) if they open PD Express and click the upgrade button.
    2008-02-22 09:07:17
    I have to offer an ammendment to my previous comment. I downloaded the demo for PD6 and had no issues. When I purchased the upgrade, downloaded and installed the full version, I started getting burn errors again. One Cyberlink's forum, it was mentioned to try burn to a DVD folder somewhere on the hard drive instead of burning to a disc. I tried that and it worked. I then opened Nero to burn the files like I would any other DVD files and it successfully burned. This way adds another step, but I am glad to have something that works even though I had to pay more money to do so.
    2008-02-22 17:37:18
    Hi guys, just wanted to let ya'll know that I haven't been ignoring your questions. I've just been really busy nursing my son. He was in a bad way for a while but is slowly getting better, so I'm back!

    Klaus, I wish I could help you, truth, but without being there actually seeing what you see, I can't give you a definitive answer. I think you are correct though when you say the files would not be exactly the same. The trick is to find which ones are which and grab the right ones and put them in a new folder. It will take a bit of time I'm sure to go through it all, but I think its doable. Next time I upload a vid, I'll take note of the 'things you requested' and post back here.

    I believe the path for most of us will be trial and error with a sprinkle of insight from what we gain from this forum.

    Best advice. Just keep trying. Don't ever give up. There is a way to do just about everything if you persevere and have the will!
    2008-02-23 03:30:09
    Hi all

    Just use Adobe Premier Elements, you can bring in .mod files, etc. If you still have problems, capture the footage with the docking station via firewire and you will get one avi file. I use PE for all my editing, even can bring in .vob files and make slide shows.
    2008-02-23 06:40:12
    Prism converter is good, but a quality of the video is worst.With virtual dub i find better quality but files are huge.Does anyone know how to find the best converted quality of the video.Video must to be converted MOV to AVI if i want to edit in Adobe premiere.
    2008-02-23 14:32:06
    tihi, you can capture the .mod files if you use the docking station. This will give you an avi file. I have done that.
    2008-02-23 15:37:12
    How can I connect my JVC Everio HDD to my Mac. I've tried downloading an MPEG Slipstream software patch, but this doesn't work.I would like to start editing in iMovie.
    Mike Slater
    2008-02-23 20:18:48

    When I began using the prism video converter, I received a warning error that says incorrect timestamps found in the source file. Basically what I am trying to do is convert dvd from games to make a highlight dvd using windows movie maker...any suggestions?

    Thank you
    2008-02-24 12:19:23
    Hi! I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but I'll give it a shot anyway. If I'm not then I apologize, and could someone point me in the right direction? My grandparents recently bought a used JVC GZ-MG21U video camera. Of course, they're not very computer literate, so they're having some problems finding the actual videos when they plug the camera into their computer. I'm not the best with computers and cameras, but I can hold my own. Unfortunately, I'm in Oklahoma and they're in Florida.

    So I guess my questions are:

    Is there an installation disc that comes with the camera? Because they didn't have one, so I'm trying to guide them through folders over the phone.

    And if there isn't- where are the actual .MOD video files at when you go in through My Computer? I know they can find the still pictures in the DCIM folder, but I'm lost after that.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
    2008-02-25 05:26:53
    Hi Abby

    I am no expert on this so at the very least it will bump our question.

    I bought a JVC camera last Friday and have had all the problems mentioned above. I finally had enough after 3 DAYS of drama and took it back and got a sony. Hopefully it will be a more pleasant experience than JVC.

    From memory the folder for video is SD (?)
    Maybe direct them to forum , there are specify forums by make. Otherwise tell them to take that junk back quick!! LOL

    You other guys are great, I learned a lot reading here over the weekend, trying to sort the JVC mess out.
    Never again will I buy JVC

    2008-02-25 09:35:24

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't think they can return it, but I will have them check out the camrecorder forum.

    And its true, everyone is so helpful here- and now I know personally the problems JVC cameras can have.
    2008-02-25 09:55:32
    Hi Abby, There was no installation disc for the camera that came with the camcorder. What they do give you is Cyberlink power producer and Cyberlink power director. That software will not help you to upload the files or find them.

    When you plug your camera into the computer, the task manager should come up. When it does, it will give you choices for what you want to do with those files. Tell your grandparents to click on 'open files in folder' on your computer.

    As soon as the file and folders come up, make a new folder and label it 'whatever'. To do this, right click, go to 'new' then 'folder' and name it. They should see 3 folders in front of them. One will be the folder that they just made, one will be SD files and one will be Ext. files. Then drag and drop both the SD files and the EXT files into the new folder. This is done so that all files will be in one central place.

    Once you do that, open the folder back up and click on the SD files, then click on the program files. There you will find all of the .mod and .moi files. The next step is to convert them into a usable extension file.

    If you unplug the camera during all this, you cannot access the files again until you upload something else. The hard drive that it places the folders in will disappear. (at least I couldn't find mine again...) Keep the camera on for as long as it takes to change the extension. After you've changed and saved the new extension files, then turn the camera off.

    Hope that helps some:o)
    2008-02-25 14:49:51

    Thank you so much for your help! I'm going to call them right away. I really appreciate everyone helping me then way that they have. Have a great day!
    2008-02-26 06:23:35
    My camera also came with Power Cinema that does allow for copying files from the camera to a computer. It's also supposed to burn the files to a disc, but we know that doesn't work.

    The drive in the camera works like any other drive, zip drive, or anything else connected to a computer. It reads it just like another drive and should assign its own letter in Explorer in XP and above. When finding the drive letter, you can drag the files just like anything else.
    FSU Admin
    2008-02-26 09:25:39
    Thanks for all the help Carolyn. The converter listed above works very well. I also found the MPG to be the best quality. The WMV format was pretty much useless, don't waste your time using that one.
    2008-02-26 16:38:14
    Hi all

    I am in Australia but I am sure the bundles come the same. I can definitely edit and burn to a dvd. I have already done it, without upgrading. Is that weird? I have both power director express and power producer. With Power director express you bring in your files and then you need to add them to the timeline, then you can burn to dvd directly.
    2008-02-27 05:57:49
    Interesting Lisa. Couple of questions though. Do you have MAC or windows? If you have windows, which one do you presently have? When you 'bring the files in' to the power director express, do you change them from .mod? or leave them as .mod. If you do change them, what do you change them to and how do you change them. Also, which camcorder do you have? All of these things are relevant for our readers trying to burn to DVD. Thanks!
    2008-02-27 12:59:25
    Hi Carolyn

    sorry, bit more info would have helped. I have a jvc GZ MG135, on a pc using xp, I bring them in with usb, do not changed them from .mod. I just capture and then put into timeline and then burn. I can also use the docking station if I want to capture as one combined large avi and then bring into adobe premier elements. I can make individual avi files if I want as well from each mod file. You must bring them though onto the timeline before you can do this. Otherwise, the areas are greyed out. I promise it works.
    2008-02-27 20:08:32
    Thanks for the heads up Lisa. I'm sure everyone who's trying to make this work for them will appreciate it. Good info!
    2008-02-28 02:55:52
    let me know everyone
    2008-02-28 15:54:42
    hi all,

    @carolyn: currently, i am in contact with jvc germany and hope to get the needed info. be sure, when i get it, i will share that info of course if anyone here might face the same situation than i do since some weeks.

    @all: make backups of your data and be careful with
    handling and deleting/moving files ;-)
    greetz from austria, europe,
    2008-02-29 12:50:02
    can anyone tell me what format to use in converting .mod files using Prism video converter so they can be played on a home dvd system ? I love the program but each cd I burn will not play on my dvd player only on my pc.

    I guess i should mention I have CD-R and DVD +R disks that I can use to burn to .. my experiment of trying to get them to play on my home dvd has been to burn them on the DVD+R disks. I have not tried to burn them on a CD-R disk yet.

    2008-03-01 07:14:50
    Hey, I'm very confused on how to use that mass conversion listed up top. Can someone walk me through it step by step. Sorry. Still learning with my computer.
    2008-03-04 06:08:13
    Melanie, what you're describing happened to a friend of mine too. I haven't made DVD's yet, as I do online vids instead. I will let someone who's actually making DVD's help you with this. (hopefully)

    RL, I have no idea which reply you are interested in knowing more about. (that mass conversion listed above?) Please specify which one you're referring to and what exactly you don't understand.
    2008-03-04 16:59:33

    I was mainly wondering which one of the conversions will work to play on a DVD. I want the home movies to be played on my personal DVD player so the whole family doesn't have to stand around the computer to enjoy them. Or if I want to send say grandparents some home vieos of the kids they do not have to watch it on thier computers but can watch it on thier dvd player and the tv.

    2008-03-05 16:12:24
    Don't know if this helps anyone, but I had been trying to figure this out for the past week and had tried following all the steps posted on here. Including downloading all sorts of freeware that wasn't working for me at all. Which a lot of it was trully over my head.

    I just switched the MOD to MPG, by renaming it. Now if you watch it that way in windows media it had no sound. Then opened up the power director software that came with the camera and swapped to an avi file. I was able to trim the video etc, very easily and then convert to avi if I wanted,... do whatever I needed. If I swapped it to an avi (in that program) you can then watch it in windows media. From there upload it wherever you want, vimeo, utube, etc. After hours spending on this, this was a very easy alternative.

    HTH someone. It did me, my camera was very close to full, and we have a little baby girl ready to walk any day now.. so glad we have space on that camera...

    btw we have the jvc everio GZ-MG21U