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JVC Everio Camcorder Video File

Video File
The .MOD file format is used by various digital camcorder models (I.E JVC Everio) to save their videos. These files are often accompanied by small .MOI files (See links below) which contain the videos' time-stamp information.

The .MOD format is simply a MPEG2 formatted video, and if you simply wish to view the files on your computer, it is reportedly safe to rename the extension from .mod to .mpg or .avi

The known camcorder models that use the .MOD format are:

JVC: GZ-MG30, GZ-MG70, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG77, GZ-MG505, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG255, GZ-MG555

Panasonic: SDR-S100, SDR-S150, SDR-S10, SDR-H18, SDR-H200, SDR-H40, SDR-H60, SDR-SW20

Canon: FS100, FS10, FS11

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    2007-10-25 23:56:17
    Just got my JVC MG255 today. I can't believe it's so hard to simply edit these videos. Having to convert these files before editing sounds unacceptable to me. Do the Sony camcorders have the same problem? Maybe, I should return this and get a Sony!
    2007-10-26 13:22:05
    Thanks Caroline for your hint and tips. I also experience the problems with the mod files. Had I known this before, than I would not have bought the everio, although it is a good camera.

    I work with Pinnacle Studio8.12. I've seen on the website of Pinnacle that Studio11 should be able to read the .mod files, but i must see it myself before i'm willing to buy a upgrade. I anyone has experience with Studio11 and mod-files, please let me know.

    With your information I have done some testing and here are my results:


    A 1minute:37seconds long piece of film in .mod format ORIGINAL. MOD 112mb

    Method: I converted this file in several formats using Powerdirector Express (PE) and PRISM. PE is the software delivered with the JVC Everio. In PE I import the file then put it on the timeline. Then I choose the option 'produce'and I can choose several file formats to produce the file in (Caroline: also mpeg1 format which should be accepted by youtube?!).


    PE_MPEG1_VCD.mpg 16.5mb
    PRISM_AVI_48hz_Stereo.avi 28.7mb
    PRISM_MPEG2_4000av.mpg 49,4mb :-)
    PRISM_MPEG2_9000av.mpg 106.8mb
    PE_MPEG2_DVD_SMARTRENDER.mpg 107.7mb
    PE_AVI_DV_TYPE1.avi 341.1mb
    PE_AVI_DV_TYPE2.avi 359.2mb :-)
    PE_AVI_WINDOWS.avi 1762.2mb


    Opening the files in Windows Mediaplayer, the mpeg2 files give the best results. Altough you see some stripes with fast movements. The fastest option is produciing MPEG2 with PE with Smartrendering option. In Studio8 however you hear no sound, importing the mpeg2 files made with PE. Onle the mpeg2 made by PRISM imports correctly in Studio8. And the filesize is 49.4mb. I have tried to set the average bitrate to 9000 in PRISM, and the result is better, but mediaplayer, or my pc, crashes or is to slow to handle this.

    The AVI-file from PRISM is worse than mpeg2. The Avi from PE are better of quality. When you choose the DV_AVI in PE the result is best en filesize is smaller than Windows avi. Be sure to choose type2 (settings) because Studio8 doesn't recognize type1. Advantage of DV_AVI over mpeg2 is that when you freeze the image you do'nt see stripes or blocks.


    For editing in Studio8 I think PE_DV_AVI is the best option as import file. No sound problems, and the image stays sharp when freezing. Good alternative is PRISM_MPEG2, mainly because of the file size.


    - Has anyone experience with mod files in Studio11?
    2007-11-07 06:58:53
    I have a JVC 250X digital camcorder. I am trying to import video to my computer, but out of the 4 video capture programs I have loaded, none will recognize my camera. I can't even get to a point where I know what kind of file format it is creating. Can anyone tell me how to get the camera to be recognized or if there is a BEST software to use that will recognize that model camera?
    2007-11-07 14:32:51

    It would help to know if you are using Windows or Mac? If you are running windows, what version do you have? Are you trying to use the software that came with the camera? If so, what are their names? Details make us better equipped to help answer your questions.

    Is this the camera you have? JVC GR-D250 MiniDV Camcorder w/25x Optical Zoom

    There are many types of camcorders for JVC that have the 250X in them, so please be sure you have the Model # right. Thanks.
    2007-11-09 03:56:20
    Carolyn, you're the best. File conversion via PRISM is slow though. Anyways, it's fine. Free is cool! Thanks! =)
    2007-12-02 05:02:28
    Carolyn, Many thansks for the info' regards Prism, I recently purchased a Panasonic camera, and was struggling to convert the *.mod files (similay to JVC) until I came across your posted info'. It really helped me out,many thanks..
    2007-12-02 15:10:34
    I just figured out that you can also rename a file from "MOD" to "VOB" and *.VOB will work in Sony Vegas.
    2007-12-03 09:45:48
    I'm glad everyone is getting such positive results! I am the one now who had a question. Has anyone taken pictures with the JVC camcorder yet?

    I took pictures with it recently. I tried to upload them but it didn't work right. The pictures are still on the camera tho. I believe from what I've read in the book, that I need to simply transfer then to an SD card, then use a different camera to upload them into my picture software on my computer. (seems like a lot of work:o(

    Has anyone uploaded or taken pictures yet and used them? If so, is transferring them to an SD card the correct route?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has a clue.
    2007-12-03 15:12:55
    Carolyn, thanks so much for your advice on the video stuff. I am trying to figure it all out.

    I have done lots of pictures though, and love the camera! I just plug directly into a USB port and find the pictures using microsoft office picture manager. I was using the free adobe picture software for awhile and that worked well too, though not as many editing options.
    2007-12-03 17:38:46
    Thanks! When I tried to upload them, I guess I should have tried to upload them to a different source. I'll try again though. Thanks for turning the light on inside my head.
    2007-12-08 00:22:44
    I have downloaded video files on my c-drive that have the MOD extension (already deleted from camera JVC)
    Can i still change the extension
    2007-12-09 17:08:55
    I have a similar question. I also downloaded the videos onto my C-drive, and just changed the extension to MPG and it seemed like it was going to work, but when I try to import the video into Moviemaker, this message comes up: C:MyWorksEverioBackup 0000000f70bPRG001MOV03A.MPG could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from.

    What does this mean????
    2007-12-09 18:38:49
    You should be able too. If you download and install the Prism tool, you can browse your computer to find the files you've saved to your hard drive in the .mod extension.... Then change the desired extension on the prism tool and prism will do the rest. It takes a little time. Be patient. Its really as easy as 1 2 3.
    2007-12-10 01:54:20
    Yes! Just open my computer and find the file, select one or multiple files, right click and select "convert with prism" Voila! Prism really is great.
    2007-12-10 12:59:15
    Kari, Are you using windows or a mac? This makes a big difference in the way files are handled. Without knowing what you have, my best guess is that saving the files in .mpg didn't work correctly. Unfortunately, if this is the case, your files are probably not gonna work right, so you'll probably have to redo your video. Its always better to make a dummy file when you first start. This ensures that the extension conversion works and imports correctly on your computer.

    On a brighter note, I had this happen to me a few times too. Actually, the more times you redo a video, the better it seems to get.
    2007-12-10 22:03:09
    Hi Carolyn.
    I downloaded the Prism tool and tried converting a file that way, and I got the same error message when trying to import it into MovieMaker. I am using Windows XP. I feel like I'm just a few short steps from getting this all figured out..... I can't even tell you how much time I've spent on this already. But I was very glad to find this website with all your help. Any suggestions from here?
    Passion Jones
    2007-12-11 15:02:34
    Hello, I have a JVC,
    Gz-Mg130, and I couldnt get the video content off of the camera. I had to pay the Geek Squad $100 to do this and it still isnt working like i thought. Ok. I am trying to get my videos on my pc and have them ava for me incase i need to send them over via email? ( or do it myself on my own computer. the geek squad copied it to file disc on dvd. i put my disc in, and it automatically says that windows cant open the file and i have to get some other program off the web. i tried first opening it with windows media player and it played, but it was skipping the whole way thru.
    then i havent tried nothing else, im about to try this avi thang, so any advice and or answers that.

    and carolyn your great

    Jay /
    2007-12-11 16:54:46
    PJ...Have you tried VLC Media Player? And yes, Carolyn has been ultra helpful with this extension, I'm sure everyone here appriciates that.

    I really must get around to adding a multi-page system to the comment section as this page is starting to get a little large now!
    2007-12-11 20:35:48
    Kari, you're almost there! When you upload the files onto your PC, be sure to go thru the steps outlined above. When the task manager appears on your screen, be sure to 'open files to your computer'. This will take you to a folder in a new drive. (F: for example.) Make a dummy file inside the program by right clicking and 'new' then 'folder'. Name the new folder. Drop all the files from the SD video folder and the EXT file folder into the 'new folder'. Then reopen it. (Do not turn your camera off yet or you will lose the files.) Find the SD video, and open it. Your .mod files will all be here in this folder. Now minimize that program. Make new separate folders on your desktop, corresponding to the number of .mod files you have. If you have 5 .mod files, then make 5 new folders and label them a, b, c, d, e. (or whatever) Then open the prism software. Drag and drop one .mod file into the prism converter. (or drag and drop all of them but you still can only convert one file at a time) Pay no attention to it when it says it doesn't recognize the file. Change the extension to .avi, then browse your computer to find your desktop folders. Start with 'a'. Then convert the .mod file you've already dragged and dropped. Be sure to highlight it before you convert it. When it's thru, you will have one .avi file per folder on your desktop. After you're thru converting the files, you may turn your camcorder off. Your .avi files are now ready to import to the movie maker. See if this helps.
    Passion Jones, although I don't have the exact model camcorder, I must assume that you are also working with .mod files? Did you want to save them to DVD for home movies or are you wanting to upload them to youtube etc.? Either way I believe they must be in a 'playable extension'. Most PC's and online video sites recognize .avi files. Try converting the files to .avi extension first, (or .mpg for Mac's) then try again. Come back if you can't get it.
    Hi Jay! Hope you are doing well this Christmas season!
    2007-12-12 17:39:09

    The way I understood it, if you have a Mac you change them to .mpg. If you have Windows, use .avi. (for Movie Maker)

    I don't have a Mac but this is what I've read before. Anyone have a take on this?

    Which one do you have?
    2007-12-13 00:08:32
    hi all,
    I converted the .MOD file to .MPG no problem, BUT when I run it on Windows Movie Maker there's sound but NO VIDEO!
    Now what?! This JVC is really a nightmare!
    no, it is not nightmare b'cause
    I got a Solution!!!
    I got a solution frm NERO DVD Applications Included The following applications are included in Nero 8: Nero Mobile “ Media Center for Mobile Devices* Nero Home 3 “ Media Management System Nero Scout “ Database Technology Nero StartSmart 8 frm this we can convert our mod files also.
    Fabian M
    2007-12-13 07:23:49
    Hi Carolyn,

    I've been following this thread and it has been quite helpful, especially the recommendation to try the Prism converter.

    Like Linc (10-23 post) when I convert from MOD to AVI, the file size also bloats. In my case a 6MB file becomes something like 250MB!

    Here are a few things I've observed/done that might help in figuring where the problem is coming from.

    1. I have copied the MOD files I want to convert into a dummy folder in my JVC Webcam AND have also tried just copying the MOD files on my desktop. In both cases the resulting AVI file is very large.

    2. There are no files in my EXT File folder to copy to my dummy folder. The EXT folder is simply blank.

    3. I don't understand the logic of creating individual folders on the desktop for each file that we want to convert. I just select the file in question, and select the destination as one single folder on the desktop.

    4. I'm not sure about this instruction you gave: "Change the extension to .avi, then browse your computer to find your desktop folders." I don't know where I'm supposed to change the extension to avi. What I do is select output format as .avi and then click convert. Is what you meant?

    * * *

    If I can convert to MPG that would suit my purposes just as fine as well (I'm using Windows Moviemaker as well to do my editing).

    My problem with converting is that when I convert to MPG, Windows Moviemaker cannot read the file because of a Codec issue (which I believe is opening another whole can of worms). If I go to encoder options though and change the video compression from MPEG 2 (DVD Standard) to MPEG 1 (VCD Standard), I end up with a file that can be viewed in Moviemaker, but it seems as if the video is converted into a slightly faster speed.

    * * *

    If you can offer further insight as to what might be my next move that'd be great. AVI/MPG I don't mind what I use. Like you, I just want to start piecing these clips together already. :)

    2007-12-13 13:36:37
    Fabian, you are so very right and explained it much better than I did when you said: "What I do is select output format as .avi and then click convert. Is what you meant?" Yes, thats what I meant. (hard to keep all the wording straight when I didn't have my prism open in front of me. Sorry for the slack version)

    .mpg's will not work in movie maker. I've tried. I have no idea why your file size 'grows' when its converted. When I convert my .mod files, it stays relatively the same size but sometimes goes up in size, but not like you're describing. Let me look around on the web and see if I can find another thread where they're discussing this problem. Maybe someone at Prism can help too. (Or Jay! of course:o)
    Its sure got me perplexed???

    The reason I have to create different folders on my desktop for each .avi file, is that I tried to add two to a folder and XP asked me if I wanted to replace the existing .avi in the folder with the new one. Of course, I didn't want to replace it, I wanted to add it. It wouldn't give me that option... I didn't want to risk losing the file I'd already converted, so I just made another one and it worked. I have no clue why XP wouldn't let me add it but I just kept rockin and made more files. It's the quickest fix I saw at the time. Time consuming, but hey, the end result works.

    Hey, are you running XP. Ntk
    2007-12-13 19:26:54
    actually I downloaded your program that you said would work. after some fidgeting it did. I have a windows, but this never comes up anymore thanks to your innvation.

    2007-12-14 21:29:24
    THANK YOU CAROLYN! It worked! I am so excited to get started! Now I will have DVDs of my daughter to send her grandparents for Christmas!
    Karl Blessing
    2007-12-19 08:54:49
    If you're not getting sound when playing back in a media player, you might not have an AC3 decoder installed since the audio on some models (such as my panasonic) are recorded in AC3. You could always google ac3filter and install that, and that'll usually provide the codec for the sound playback and decoding.
    2007-12-25 12:32:36
    I have a JVC Everio and I used prism to convert my MOD files to AVI. However I only get ther audio and no video no matter what viewer I use... help!!!!!

    2007-12-26 11:00:30
    Kuhlbreeze, could you please be more specific about what you're trying to get across. I do not understand your problem exactly. "No matter which viewer I use"??? Are you talking about 'Movie Maker' or 'Quick Time Player'? (or other movie editing software)
    2007-12-28 01:04:31
    Hello everyone,

    I have a JVC Everio GZ-MG135 and I am using PowerDirector Express to convert my MOD files to AVI. Actually I have 3 or 4 for MOD files and I am merging all of them and re-saving as a one big AVI file. When I am watching each of those MOD files from Camcorder on TV I can see time and date stamps. But When I am re-saving as a AVI file the program doesn't keep that stamp.

    Can you please advise me what exactly I can do to keep that stamp in my AVI file. Thank you.
    2007-12-28 20:13:19
    Siaruzb, are you using the 'events mode' when you take the video? This is the only way I could figure that you might be able to save the time stamp. From previous comments about the time stamp, this seems to be one of the many things that JVC failed to equip thorough instructions for with this camcorder. I've read over the 'instructions book' several times. This was the only way I could see to do it. I haven't tried it yet but according to the instructions, you should be able to do it this way.
    2007-12-29 21:54:38
    Thank you very much Carolyn for your comment. I trying to apply different Events but again there is no date and time stamp in my final AVI file. Events Mode doesn't work too.
    2007-12-30 10:13:28
    Hi, Converted The files to MPG and I get AUDIO but NO VIDEO. Why Is This??

    Please I'm 13 Years Old, I need this for a project!!!
    2007-12-30 10:54:08
    Got It!!!

    Download This - It Works :D

    Now I Can See VIDEO AND AUDIO :D:D
    Phaneendra Dutt
    2008-01-01 12:18:02
    Hi... i hav sony handycam... which records in .modd extension... i need to convert them to .mpeg so tat i can burn them on a dvd... can anyone help me out...
    2008-01-04 20:29:29
    I was able to use Prism and convert the .mod to .avi with no problem.

    When I try and view the videos in Windows media player I get sound but no video.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    2008-01-11 21:12:03
    Siaruzb ans Sandy,

    I bought a JVC Everio GZMG-130 about a month ago in hopes of using for survaylance and bring a DVD into court. I found out the hard way that the camera will not bring the time/date stamp into the downloaded video unless you use the JVC "Share Station" ($200). BUT, if you use this Share Station thing, you cannot edit the video before the DVD burn. I called JVC support and the technician (Carlos) confirmed this. I asked why such a dumb move on JVCs part and he said "that the way we make'em". Not a good answer. I believe you can get the time/date if you download from the camera to a VCR or DVD recorder but again, no editing. Pretty lousy move on JVCs part.

    If anyone knows a way to get the time/date stamp to show up on downloaded video, please let me know as I'm out $400 on this camera.
    2008-01-13 08:11:28
    .MOD to .MPG is easy with File Renamer it is FREEware. Program is at ****//****
    2008-01-17 08:53:33
    OK, I want to convert my *.MOD to *.MPEG4. Is there a freeware software converter available ? Do I have to purchase a program ? I want to convert to MPEG4 so I can
    transfer video to my smart phone.

    Frustrating !!!!!!!
    2008-01-17 17:10:45
    Todd, I just checked the prism software and it lets you convert to '.mp4. I assume that is mpeg4? Have you tried it? Prism is free ware and you can download it quickly and easily. It's worked for just about every other extension we've tried so give it a go! Let us know if it works. Thanks!
    2008-01-19 22:16:25
    I have the JVC Everio and after saving my videos to my laptop, I could play back in win media player but there was no sound. After following Karl Blessing's suggestion of downloading the AC3Filter, it worked! I now can have sound!

    Thank Karl!

    Next step is converting the MOD files. I'm going to try the Power Director Express that a few of you mentioned here.
    2008-01-20 05:18:20
    Hi guys,
    I bought JVC GZ-MG-130 camera,which has .MOD video file format,when i had played that video in Windows media player 11,it had shown only video,but there was no sound.I had downloaded VLC player,and changed files extention to .MPEG,it worked.

    It is working fine now...Just download VLC player.You can play .avi and .MOD video files without loosing any quality.
    link is

    try worked.

    2008-01-22 01:23:56
    Hi Siaruzb

    I have it! After much time and despair, you need to use the docking station and then capture, I use Adobe Premier Elements (fantastic and always used this for the mini digital tapes on my old camcorder). It will take longer, but works. Once you have captured and saved as a single avi, you can then run it through software (freeware) called dvdate. Works a treat. Is a bit tricky to use, but once you know how it is great. You cannot use power director and then make files into one avi. The date and time stamp will disappear. Let me know. thanks L
    2008-01-22 21:55:21
    Hi there guys,

    I have an Apple Mac and received a JVC Enviro Hard Disk Camcorder ( GZ-MG135 ) as a gift. Lucky me, except that I am not computer nor camcorder literate! Seems a waste of these beautiful pieces of equipment on somebody with no idea so here I am trying not to be overwhelmed as I search for a way to transfer footage to computer and then onto DVD. My daughter tried to transfer using the manual but the icon ( which represents the recording medium in camera did not appear on the desktop ) I have iMovie 08 on my Mac. Does anybody know what we need to do so as to make proper use of these scary and expensive stress-makers!

    Forgive my lack of knowledge but with baby-steps I hope to begin an exciting new journey.

    Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.

    2008-01-24 07:57:11
    I have converted the .mod files to .mpg files and they will not burn onto a disc using any brand of software. I tried it with the Cyberlink software that came with the camera and I used Nero. I even tried just copying it as a data disc, it wouldn't burn it that way either. I've gone through a dozen discs trying to get these to burn and am really frustrated. I'm on the verge of taking the camera back. Can anyone offer any help?
    2008-01-24 14:27:20
    Hi Lisa,

    After posting a message here I have called to JVC and they did confirm that there is no way to keep time and date stamp in final AVI file. Then I just return my comcorder to store.

    Actually I need a comcorder but I don't know really wich one to buy.
    2008-01-24 15:50:31
    MRM, have you tried downloading the movie to your DVD recorder/player? If your DVD player has a recorder, then that might be your answer, instead of messing with the computer. (or VHS as sad as that may be.) If you still have time, I would take the darn thing back and get a better model. (Not JVC preferably)

    Patto, I don't have a MAC but when I download files to my computer, my computer pops up a screen (task manager) saying "what would you like to to with these files". Click on "View Files in Folder" or something to that effect. From there, follow the directions that are in the beginning of this forum (under my name) or read the manual for them. You will convert the files to .mpg extension, not .avi. Anyone else got any advice for him? (with a MAC)
    2008-01-24 22:23:52
    This is a great message board. I own a Panasonic SVAV100 digital recorder. It's been frustraiting for years not knowing how to edit .MOD files. I downloaded Prism video converter, but the conversion made the vido tall - as others have reported. My PC came with InterVideo WinDVD Creator software. I never tried importing a MOD file using this sotware. I'm happy to report it WORKED. You can edit MOD files using this software. Mine was included with the PC, but it appears to be relatively inexpensive. You will find it at:

    Good luck - thought it was worth sharing this with the group.
    2008-01-25 01:22:22
    Hi all
    I am confused. You can definitely modify mod files in Power director or in Adobe Premier Elements. You can make avi files by capturing to avi file in PE.
    2008-01-25 06:18:40
    I can change the format of the files to either .mpg or .avi with no problems. My problem is I cannot burn these files to a disc at all, and this comes from using several programs.
    2008-01-25 06:29:46

    We can modify .MOD files using Power director or other soft's. I needed to keep time and date stamp in my final AVI file. JVC did confirm that it is imposible to keep that stamp.