.DPE.DUS File Extension

HP Scanner/Print File

Miscellaneous File
This file is found in the My Documents folder and is part of the OCR software bundled with some HP scanners/printers.

This file is NOT a virus.

Some users have managed to remove this file by uninstalling their HP software, unplugging the printer, USB cable & power cord and then rebooting and reinstalling the HP software.

If you have this problem, please contact us with the following information:

- Printer or Scanner (or combo)
- Model

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Comments (7)
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2007-01-14 21:43:21
hey thanks for the help. i have this file on my windows xp computer system and i have a hp scanner too so i guess this is why.

2007-03-09 08:51:42
Thanks a lot for the help. I've got this file in my xp windows system and I've got also a hp scanner, so that's clear. I have to say that the translation into Spanish is just amazing and funny. To start with it translates HP(Hewlett-Packard)by CABALLO DE FUERZA so horsepower.
Jay /
2007-03-09 12:47:32
Hey Pilar!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm sure it'll come in use to someone else at somepoint. As you can probably guess, I don't speak any Spanish but it's the best I can do for now - I have quiet a few Spanish coming to the site looking for information on this extension.

Thanks again :)
2007-06-23 02:58:27
Is there any way to open this file? I received an attachment in this format from clients and need the information that they are trying to send.
Gail Cohen
2007-12-24 09:56:46
I have a Powerbook G4 and have just installed Leopard. Now, my HP Officejet J5780 won't print and scan. Every time I try to scan, it can't find the dpe. Help?
2008-10-22 02:19:00
I have Win XPSP2 and have a HP PSC. I was tensed about the file DPE.DUS for the past few days. But now I have known about it. Thanks!
Larry Bitonti
2009-02-08 22:20:12
I have a "hp psc 2410xi photosmart all-in-one."I keep getting a folder marked DPE in my menus or file marked DPE. It is always empty. It is annoying. Anyway to permanently delete it?